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iNova - PLA-M ICX098BL-E 1/4" Monochrome CCD Camera

Model#: PLA-M-ICX098BL-E

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Manufactured by: iNova


The PLA-M 310Kp Monochrome CCD Camera is a multi-purpose camera capable of planetary/lunar imaging to autoguiding. It includes the new Sony Exview CCD monochrome ICX098BL-E (640x480 pixel array) with very high quantum efficiency with extremely low noise. A high frame rate of 60fps enables you to "freeze-frame" a planetary or lunar image to keep only the best frames

Due to its excellent sensitivity, of the whole visible spectrum, this camera is ideally suited for planetary/lunar imaging. It provides 2x2 hardware binning (640 x 480) to get a 11.2 square pixel for autoguiding.

  • Adjustable exposure time from 0.1ms to infinity.
  • Plugin ASCOM V5 tested with software V1.12 PHDGuiding, AstroArt V4, V5 and MaximDL Prism.
  • CCD Sony Super HAD ICX098BL-E 1/4"

There are few, if any, CCD imaging devices with this amount of cooling support in this segment. Optional cooling fans will reduce the temperature of the CCD by 36°F/20C, resulting in considerably more clarity for both live imaging and recorded stills and video.


Support documentation for iNova products in PDF format (links open in new window

PLxCAM Quick_Installation  V1.1h  (PDF)

User Manual PLxCAM V2.1f  (PDF)

FAQ iNova May 2014  (PDF)

Accessories list for I-Nova cameras  (PDF)

Warranty 1.1  (PDF)






Additional Information

Name iNova - PLA-M ICX098BL-E 1/4" Monochrome CCD Camera
Manufacturer iNova
Model PLA-M-ICX098BL-E
A/D Converter 12 bits
Binning Modes 2x2
Communication Ports Type Serial (TTL), RJ12 - Type ST4
Exposure 1/1000s of tens of minutes
Frames Per Second (fps) 60 fps
Pixel Size 5.6u
Resolution 640x480
Sensor Size 1/4"