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iNova - PLA-C2 ICX098BQ 1/4" Color CCD Camera with Autoguiding Port


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Manufactured by: iNova


The PLA-C2 Color CCD Camera is a multi-purpose camera capable of planetary/solar imaging to autoguiding. It includes a 1/4" Sony ICX098BQ sensor (640x480 pixel array) with very high quantum efficiency. A high frame rate of 60fps enables you to "freeze-frame" a planetary or daytime solar image to keep only the best frames

Due to its excellent sensitivity, for the whole visible spectrum, this camera is ideally suited for planetary/solar imaging. It provides 2x2 hardware binning (640 x 480) to get a 5.6µm square pixel to be able to detect a faint star for autoguiding.

There are few, if any, CCD imaging devices with this amount of cooling support in this market segment. Optional cooling fans will reduce the temperature of the CCD by 36°F/20C, resulting in considerably more clarity for both live imaging and recorded stills and video.





Support documentation for iNova products in PDF format (links open in new window) 

PLxCAM Quick_Installation  V1.1h  (PDF)

User Manual PLxCAM V2.1f  (PDF)

FAQ iNova May 2014  (PDF)

Accessories list for I-Nova cameras  (PDF)

Warranty 1.1  (PDF)





Additional Information

Name iNova - PLA-C2 ICX098BQ 1/4" Color CCD Camera with Autoguiding Port
Manufacturer iNova
Model PLA-C2-ICX098BQ
A/D Converter 12 bits
Binning Options yes, 2x2
Camera Resolution 640x480
Computer Interface USB 2.0
Frames Per Second (fps) 60 fps
Pixel Size 5.6µ
Resolution 640x480
Sensor Size 1/4" 5.6µm