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Celestron - Backpacker 90M Telescope - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Celestron

Celestron - Backpacker 90M Telescope - DISCONTINUED


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the Celestron Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Versatile Mount as a replacement.


The Sky-Watcher MAK-90 MultiMount is a powerful 90mm mirror-lens telescope less than 10" long and weighing only 3 lb., yet offers performance virtually equal to that of a traditional long tube refractor over 3-feet in length. The folded light path of the Maksutov-Cassegrain design results in high quality optics housed in an amazingly compact, light-weight, and highly portable instrument.

See Saturn’s fabulous ring structure clearly and sharply, craters on the Moon by the hundreds, the banded gas giant Jupiter, and locate brighter deep-space objects like the Orion Nebula. The versatile SW MAK-90 doubles as a terrific terrestrial spotting scope for viewing distant landmarks, scenery, animals, and people. Included is an image erect roof-prism for naturally oriented viewing at a convenient 90° angle. Even the provided viewfinder yields a natural erect image.


The SW MAK-90 includes the innovative MultiMount point-and-view astronomical tracking technology. The patented mount functions in an elegant, easy-to-operate, and eminently understandable horizontal and vertical mode! After a simple set-up, just point to any astronomical body in the sky and the mount automatically begins following the object across the heavens, making the stars stand-still while you just enjoy the view.

Why is astronomical tracking important? Observing astronomical phenomenon involves following moving targets due to the Earth's rotation. View the Moon for a short time with the naked eye and it appears motionless. Several hours later, however, it will be in a different location. Seen through a telescope, the Moon is in constant motion drifting across the eyepiece field. Saturn viewed at higher power will move through the eyepiece field in less than a minute, very quickly indeed. Without the smooth, automatic tracking function of the MultMount the observer must manually readjust the telescope’s viewing orientation continually by hand. MultiMount takes the tedium out of tracking by doing all the work and allowing you to leisurely gaze at the stars in an uninterrupted continuum.


Sky-Watcher MAK-90 includes a multi-location terrestrial surveillance mode. The sophisticated built-in software allows land survey involving up to 6 different locations. Given the mount is kept in the same physical orientation, the software memorizes the positions the telescope is to point to, and automatically goes to them on demand. You simply press the terrestrial "cruise" button and the number of the location desired, the telescope then moves into viewing position. It is also possible to command the telescope to cruise to each location automatically, stop for a moment, and move on to the next location. Now you can scout-out your favorite points of interest across the urban panorama automatically. Enjoy quick access to what is happening at your favorite bird feeder. Keep an eye on property access points, or use the technology for thousands of other interesting applications. The mount also accommodates most cameras, video camcorders, and binoculars with 1/4", 20-thread receptors. A snap cable is included that facilitates automatic exposures being taken at each point in a sequential survey with a compatible camera like a Canon EOS.


The Sky-Watcher MAK-90 MultiMount includes an ergonomically designed multi-speed electronic hand-controller. Space-age software enables the electronics to precisely control the sophisticated DC-Server motors on each axis facilitating smooth, accurate vertical and horizontal movement on demand. While in tracking mode, the "Guide" speed, (1x), compensates for the Earth’s rotation making stars stand-still. "Slow" speed, (4x), allows ultra-fine position changes to center objects in the eyepiece or Viewfinder. "Fast", (8x), speed allows relatively quick gross incremental changes in location. With tracking mode turned off, the guide speed accelerates to 32x; Slow speed to 64x; and Fast becomes a speed-demon at 800x. This allows the flexibility to transverse huge swaths of sky or terrestrial landscape in just a matter of seconds.


  • The Sky-Watcher MAK-90 MultiMount comes standard with a rock-solid tabletop tripod.
  • An L-bracket is provided for attachment of most cameras, camcorders, and spotting scopes with 1/4", 20-thread receptors.
  • Three premium 4-element 1.25" Super Plossl eyepieces are provided: 25mm, 12.5mm and 6.3mm. These high quality Super Plossl eyepieces are of the same specification supplied with selected high-end instruments costing thousands of dollars.
  • An image-erect 90° roof-prism and an 8 x 20 Erect Image Viewfinder are standard equipment, also.
  • All of this equipment fits into a handy, attractive backpack for easy transport to remote locations while hiking, camping, vacationing, or enjoying road trip adventures in your RV.
  • MultiMount requires 8 AA-size batteries - user-supplied.

Additional Information

Name Celestron - Backpacker 90M Telescope - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Celestron
Model S11320
Discountinued Yes