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IDAS - Hutech - H-alpha Enhanced UV/IR Blocking Filter 36mm - unmounted

Model#: HEUIBII-36U

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Manufactured by: IDAS Filters


Hutech IDAS HEUIB-II Filter - 36mm Unmounted



As mentioned here briefly before, IDAS’s unique UV/IR blocking filter is now available. It’s HEUIB-II.


You will see how HEUIB-II blocks UV/IR while creating good color balance for modified DSLRs and one-shot cooled color cameras.  All are taken with modified 6D in AWB mode and no image processing made at all.

Conventional UV/IR – this color balance should look familiar to all of them.






It is obvious that we don’t need any discussion about that. If light pollution is not issue and you are looking for UV/IR blocking filter for your camera, this is it. Probably I guess stars will become more colorful than with LPS-V4 while isolating H-alpha emission because of wider bandpass. LPS-V4 create highest contrast at H-alpha. But unfortunately we lose color of stars. Meanwhile, conventional UV/IR blocking filters are good for maintaining star colors. But background is totally reddish as shown above. The reddish background is hard to isolate faint red nebulosity from the background.







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Name IDAS - Hutech - H-alpha Enhanced UV/IR Blocking Filter 36mm - unmounted
Manufacturer IDAS Filters