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Baader Planetarium - 8-24mm Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Mark III Eyepiece

Model#: HYP-ZOOM

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Manufactured by: Baader Planetarium

Baader Planetarium - 8-24mm Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Mark III Eyepiece


Baader Planetarium 8-24mm Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Mark III Eyepiece


The Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom continues the Hyperion tradition of delivering top-of-class performance and quality, at very reasonable prices. Zoom eyepieces have earned a lackluster reputation over the years, due to their compromises in optical design and execution. We think the Hyperion zoom will surprise many jaded zoom users with its combination of performance, quality, and novel features.

Some highlights of the Hyperion Clickstop Zoom;

  • Consisting of 7 elements, the Hyperion optical design delivers outstanding sharpness and color correction over its wide flat field, even with fast telescopes. Users are reporting that the Clickstop Zoom matches the performance of their best fixed focal length eyepieces!

  • Continuously variable focal length, with click-stops at 8, 12, 16, 20, 24mm. Remains approximately parfocal across zoom range. Click-stops enable precise focal length matching for bino-viewer use.

  • Wide field. The field of view is 68degrees at the 8mm setting, and 50 degrees at 24mm.

  • Excellent viewing comfort. The eye relief of 12-15mm, large eyelens, and freedom from kidney beaning and blackouts result in a high level of comfort and ease-of-viewing, at all focal lengths.

  • As with the fixed focal length Hyperions Baader Planetarium has gone to great lengths to give the Hyperion Zoom the most advanced multicoatings ever used on amateur telescope eyepieces. The Hyperion Phantom Group™ multi-coatings truly rival the best in the world - including the famous Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic! The difference in contrast and transmission is clearly visible at the eyepiece.

  • Includes both 1.25" and 2" Barrels. The 2" barrel attaches through an included adapter ring that has standard 2"x24tpi SCT threads. The 2" barrel also incorporates a reverse taper groove for better seating and retention.

  • Superb fit and finish. Zoom motion is smooth and precise. Barrels are accurately machined, with excellent surface quality, and hard anodizing. The 1¼" Barrel is threaded for standard 1¼" filters, and the 2" Barrel for standard 2" Filter.

  • Adjustable rubber eyecup works for both normal and eyeglass users. Rotating eyecup incorporates a variable-height helical adjustment with clickstop positions for setting the optimal spacing.

  • Designed to integrate perfectly with many popular spotting scopes from Celestron/Synta (M35) and Zeiss (M45). Reaches focus on these spotting scopes even for very shortsighted observers.

  • Complete System of Accessories for Digital Imaging as a high quality variable magnification projection optic:

    • Optically Superb for Digital Imaging

    • Direct Thread attach to Eyepiece (M43 threads at eyelens)

    • Hyperion Digital T-Rings, for direct attachment of virtually every digital camera, camcorder, CCD Camera.


Features of the new Mark III Version:


  • Optical quality further enhanced by optimizing the curve geometry of inner lenses

  • Internal zoom actuators and lens group centering made more rigid while allowing less play

  • Thermal response of mechanical system further improved with thermally matched metal components to allow use under even harsher environmental conditions

  • Greaseless movement of internal zoom lens group

  • Clickstop mechanics improved with greater smoothness and almost noiseless operation

  • Focal zoom positions optimized and refocusing requirements minimized

  • Dust protection enhanced throughout and front (telescope side) lens-group actuator sealed

  • Eyelens-group made watertight to seal eyepiece from rain during terrestrial operation

  • Large eyerest rubber cover redone to make the eyerest scratchproof for eyeglasses

  • Eyerest height adjustment made greaseless with step-curved click rest - as found on high quality binoculars

  • Now Optimized for Binoviewer use. The adjustable height eyerest assembly is now fully detachable for creating "nose space" when using two Zooms in a binoviewer. A pair of Zooms now provides the ultimate eyepiece set for binoviewing.

  • M43 threading accepts popular astigmatism correctors

  • Small Hyperion rubber eyecup added to fit M43 thread

  • Camera adapter thread changed from SP 54 to M43(SONY) for a variety of afocal camera adaptations

  • Accepts photo-adapter HTA43T2 (M42x0.75) for easy and rigid adaptation of various DSLR-T-Mount rings





Additional Information

Name Baader Planetarium - 8-24mm Hyperion ClickStop Zoom Mark III Eyepiece
Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
Angular Field of View 50º to 68º
Diameter 57mm
Eye Relief 12-15mm
Eyepiece Barrel Size 1.25" to 2"
Focal Length 8-24mm
Optical Design Hyperion Clickstop Zoom