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APM - 7x50 HD Binoculars

Model#: APM_7x50

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Manufactured by: Amateur Prazisionsoptik Mechanik (APM)


APM 7x50 HD Binoculars

An exceptional binocular with excellent image quality both on the central axis and through the entire visible field. With its elaborate full multi-coating the image is very bright.Applications:Due to its large exit pupil of about 7mm (Explanation) and due to its excellent image quality the binocular is perfectly suited for extreme lighting conditions - even in the dark twilight conditions you will still get a bright and contrasty image.The 7x50 Marine is fully rubber armoured and solidly built. A nitrogen filling prevents it from fogging from the inside. The binoculars will survive even bumpy transport without miscollimation.Image Quality:The 7x50 Marine has an exceptional image quality that can even be compared with much more expensive binoculars. Image sharpness is very good throughout the entire visible field. Even at the outer edge of the field you will get sharp and clearly defined views - unlike many other, cheaper binoculars where image sharpness deteriorates noticeably towards the edge. Eye relief is long enough so that the binoculars can be used without reservations by eyeglass wearers - just fold down the rubber eyeguards and you will be able to see the entire field.Focusing:Focus is adjusted by individually focusing both eyepieces. Adjustment is smooth and due to the very good image sharpness the objects will snap into focus easily. Needless to say the focus will remain unchanged during observing - it won't get out of focus by accident.




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Name APM - 7x50 HD Binoculars
Manufacturer Amateur Prazisionsoptik Mechanik (APM)
Model APM_7x50
Custom Stock Status In Stock