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Baader Planetarium - RCC OAG Off-Axis-Guider


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Manufactured by: Baader Planetarium


Baader's new RCC Off-Axis Guider is matched specifically for the RCC-I Coma Corrector and Digital SLR cameras. The guider's 36.5mm body length sets the backfocus at the 91.5mm nominal distance required for the RCC-I.

The RCC Off-Axis Guider incorporates convenient axial and radial guidestar adjustment, without loosening the main camera connection. For axial guidestar alignment, simply turn the small knurled thumbscrew either direction to shift the guidestar along the optical axis. For radial (side to side) adjustment, loosen the bottom knurled thumbscrew and rotate the body radially (140 degree range). Simple, precise, and robust. Accepts 1.25" autoguiders and guiding eyepieces.

The weight of the RCC Gider by itself is 165gm (5.8oz).

Additional Information

Name Baader Planetarium - RCC OAG Off-Axis-Guider
Manufacturer Baader Planetarium