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Explore Scientific - FISCH Image Lab Software

Model#: FIL-001

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Manufactured by: Explore Scientific


About Fisch Image Lab

Fisch Image Lab was conceived and written by Greg Fisch. Over the past 20 years, Greg has developed a number of sophisticated software projects ranging from six-legged, walking robots to CT Scanners. Many projects were involved directly with Astronomy or Space research.

One of Greg's best known projects was a program called Epoch 2000. This program was one of the early Desktop Observatory programs. It featured a high-accuracy starmap, telescope control and image processing all in one program! The software was eventually purchased in 1995 by Meade Intruments Corporation. Meade is still supplying a version of the software with their telescopes and imagers.

With today's advanced telescopes and low-cost, high-quality imagers, everyone interested in Astronomy can produce breath taking Astronomical images using Fisch Image Lab software.

Image Capture

  • Sophisticated, easy to use CCD/CMOS imager controller

    • Automatic stacking and rotation that allows imaging with telescopes in Alt-Az configuration

    • Telescope guiding in either Alt-Az or Equatorial modes

    • Separate control of Main Imager and Guider

    • Filter wheel support (on selected imagers)

  • Automatic Bias Frame, Dark Frame and Flat Field processing while the image is being captured.

  • Images automatically added into a SQL Database for easy cataloging and searching

Image Processing

  • High-precision, floating point image processing

    • 32-bit Monochrome

    • 96-bit Color.

  • Image Prescaler to quickly and accurately fit full-range images into the limited range of computer monitors

  • All image processing functions work with either RGB or Monochrome images

  • Convolution filters: Average, Gaussian Blur, Sharpen, Edge-enhance, and many others

  • Additive, Average and Median Combine merge features

  • RGB Merge with Luminance and color only function.

  • Simple image registration facility built into the Merge and RGB Merge functions

  • Digital Development Processing

  • Unlimited Undo/Redo

  • And many other features

Additional Information

Name Explore Scientific - FISCH Image Lab Software
Manufacturer Explore Scientific
Model FIL-001
Warranty Explore STAR Transferrable Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty