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Explore Scientific - TDM Adapter for Celestron CGE Pro

Model#: 0721028

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Manufactured by: Explore Scientific


You need this adapter to attach the TDM to your CGE mount.

What is the Telescope Drive Master?
Designed to attach to popularly available equatorial mounts, the Telescope Drive Master™ (TDM) uses a mount-specific adapter, an ultra-high resolution encoder, and an electronics package that transforms your drive system into a super-performance, research-grade drive. This device does not require tedious PEC training, just turning on the TDM almost eliminates all of the periodic and non-periodic tracking error of your equatorial mount.

How does the TDM work?
The electronic controller unit compares the signals incoming from the high precision rotary encoder mounted onto the RA shaft with the time signal of its quartz oscillator. Any deviations of the angular velocity of the RA shaft from the prescribed drive rate, are compensated by feedback regulation in real time by accelerating or slowing down the drive.
If further correction is needed because of errors other than periodic drive error, the TDM allows auto-guider input as well.

How much better can the Drive perform?
A typical drive on an moderately-priced equatorial mount can easily have 20-30 arc seconds (or more) periodic error. The Telescope Drive Master can easily improve it down to 2-to-2.5 arc-seconds peak-to-valley or less, which is what you would expect from equatorial mounts that cost many thousands of dollars.

Additional Information

Name Explore Scientific - TDM Adapter for Celestron CGE Pro
Manufacturer Explore Scientific
Model 0721028