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Explore Scientific - ED152 Air Spaced Triplet Refractor Carbon Fiber Telescope

Model#: TED15208-CF


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Manufactured by: Explore Scientific


      Explore Scientific ED 152 - Carbon Fiber f/8 Air Spaced Triplet Apochromatic Refractor


Package includes:

  • ED 152 Carbon Fiber Edition f/8 Air Spaced Triplet with Removeable Dew Shield
  • Feathertouch Two-Speed 3" Focuser
  • Cradle Ring with Handle and Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate
  • 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal
  • Deluxe Carry Case
  • Right Angle Erect Polar Image Finder Scope



Explore Scientific ED152 f/8 Air-Spaced Triplet

  • Equipped with a Feather Touch 3" Dual Speed Focuser.
  • The Explore Scientific 152mm Triplet Refractor is Light Weight. At an out of box weight of 35 lbs. you will have a multitude of mounting options to choose from.
  • The Explore Scientific 152 Triplet has a f/8 Focal Ratio
  • An adjustable lens cell allows for collimation adjustment.
  • Included with this telescope is a carbon fiber 2" Dielectric Diagonal that has mirror adjustment screws at the back of the diagonal for optimal adjustment capability.
  • The triplet lens set of the Explore Scientific 152mm is produced in Japan by HOYA.
  • Made from FCD1 (Dense Fluor Crown) glass the Explore Scientific 152 offers superior sharpness and color correction.


               Shown with optional mount

The Explore Scientific 152mm f/8 Air-Spaced Triplet ED APO Refractor produces a visual experience that is often compared to much larger aperture reflector telescopes. The contrast and resolving power can reveal stunning detail on planets and deep sky objects alike.  The designers of the Air Spaced Triplet ED Apo Series were challenged to produce top-quality refractors with lasting value. The optical solution was to provide a traditional air-spaced design mounted in a rugged, adjustable lens cell. This design, shaped from experienced craftsmanship and polished from genuine HOYA™ FCD1 (Dense Fluor Crown) ED(Extra-low Dispersion) glass, a critical element to produce images that refractor afficianados know can only be obtained with a high-quality true apochromat.   The body and dew shield of the 152mm Explore Scientific are made of high strength, low weight, low thermal expansion carbon fiber. This allows consistent focus during long exposure imaging with CCD cameras regardless of changes in ambient temperatures.  

Dielectric Coated 2-inch Precision Polished Diagonal

The Two Inch Dielectric Diagonal includes a 1.25" eyepiece holder adapter and dust covers to protect the mirror.  The purpose of a diagonal is to securely hold your eyepiece and to give you a comfortable viewing angle.  Provided as standard equipment, Explore Scientific's Two Inch Dielectric Diagonal incorporates a light-weight, one-piece diagonal body that securely cradles the precision polished diagonal flat mirror, insuring precision alignment. Ultra-high reflective coatings (99% reflective) composed of multiple thin layers of dielectric material delivers maximum light output.  Both 2" and 1.25" eyepiece holders use compression rings instead of a simple set-screw to more securely hold your valued eyepiece (or imaging device) and to minimize scoring of eyepiece barrels. You can thread standard 48mm filters into the barrel.


8x50 Erect Image Illuminated Reticle ViewfinderThe Explore Scientific 8x50 Erect-Image Viewfinder with Illuminated Reticle is standard equipment. The illuminated reticle of the 8x50 Viewfinder with its scale markings and open center not only helps you center objects precisely, but gives a reference of the exact field of view in degrees. The deep red illumination is continuously variable to provide the desired brightness. The Explore Scientific 8x50 produces a wide 6° field of view and allows precision focus of both main objective and eyepiece illuminated reticle. A precision polished roof prism produces images that are right-side-up, left-to-right correct. In other words, things are not upside-down and backwards like most viewfinders. This illuminated reticle is truly designed for finding objects with its open center (so you don't mask the object you are centering with cross hairs) and scale markings for 1.5°, 3°, and 4.5° (the edge of the field of view is the 6° boundary).

FTF3035B-A---Feather Touch® 3.0" Diameter Dual Speed Focuser, 3.5" Draw tube travel, Brake, Integral TFPE Coupled Collar, and 2.0" Diameter Compression Ring with End Cap Upgrade

Starlight Instruments Dual speed 3" Feather Touch rack-and-pinion focuser:  This 152mm ED APO includes a rotatable, Crayford-style, precision 10:1  Dual-Speed Focuser with tension adjustment and lock to obtain and hold perfect focus. The eyepiece holder uses a compression ring to prevent the eyepiece or camera barrel from scoring caused by setscrew stops and results in more precise focusing. Additionally, the focuser can be rotated 360° for the best photographic composition without affecting the focus,and is locked in place with a large brass knob on the top of the focuser.  Another knob underneath the focuser lets you adjust the tension on the built-in drawtube brake to accommodate varying eyepiece/photo accessory loads. 



Standard Equipment & Accessories of the Explore Scientific 152mm ED Triplet Include: 

  • 3" Feather Touch Dual Speed Focuser.
  • Rock Solid Hard Case that holds the scope and all of the included accessories.
  • 2" Carbon Fiber Plated, Adjustable Dielectric Diagonal.
  • Dovetail Plate
  • Explore Scientific Eyepiece
  • Mounting Rings
  • 8x50 Erect Image Finder Scope with an Illuminated Reticle
  • 5 Year Explore Scientific Warranty Available at time of original registration






Additional Information

Name Explore Scientific - ED152 Air Spaced Triplet Refractor Carbon Fiber Telescope
Manufacturer Explore Scientific
Model TED15208-CF
Custom Stock Status In Stock
Aperture 6" (152mm)
Carrying Case Hard case
Collimation Cap User adjustable
Dovetail Compatibility Losmandy
Finderscope 8 x 5 Erect image, Illuminated Reticle
Focal Length 1216
Focal Ratio f/8
Focuser 3" FeatherTouch
Highest Useful Magnification 304x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13.4
Optical Coatings FCD1 glass, multicoated
Optical Design Air-spaced Triplet APO refractor
Optical Tube Carbon fiber
Resolution (Dawes) 0.76 arc seconds
Star Diagonal Carbon fiber Dielectric
Warranty Explore STAR Transferrable Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty