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01/12/2015 - Soylent's Images





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Happy New Year everyone,
After Christmas we spent some time in Tehachapi, and I set up the HD 11 to do some deep sky imaging.  But the wind was pretty strong and gusty, and guiding even with AO wasn't able to do the job.  But I noticed in Sky6 that comet C2014Q2 was practically on top of globular cluster M79, so I slewed the scope over to take a look.  Because of the wind and lack of a useable guide star, I set the camera to take 20 LRGB sequence images (5 second exposure each) unguided, then had to throw away over half the frames to create these images.

Here is a combination of two images, one aligned on the stars, and the other on the comet - its noisy, but is only about 2 minutes of total exposure time:

The comet was moving fast.  This movie of the useable green frames taken binned 2x2 covers just 8 minutes in real time during closest approach:





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I took these H-alpha Solar images over the Thanksgiving weekend, and finally got around to process them.  These were shot with my Lumenera 2-1M camera, and double stack 60mm Coronado filters on my Stellarvue 102 refractor, from my place in Tehachapi:



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Larry Alvarez have been imaging the Sun now for about 15 years under the southern US skies.

It's a beautiful sight to see through a telescope when it is well filtered. He started with a Baader Whitelight filter and got hooked on the beauty an complexity of the Sun spots of it. The views never cease to amaze you and with the 3 separate wavelengths the Wow is there still there with every viewing session.
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My name is Soylent

I am majoring in astrophysics and have been an amateur astronomer for over 20 years.

My occupation is playing with the toys at Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope.

My interest began lying on the concrete of my parents' driveway with a pair of 10x50 binoculars.

I assist at the Moorpark College Observatory. I like to teach kids about astronomy.

My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that I have sparked an interest in the people that I have helped and I have exposed them to what is possible.



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Photo of the Sun I took recently with the Coronado equipment hooked up on my Televue Genesis sdf telescope.  Here it is!

Leonard Marek

Genesis with the Coronado 90 Bf30

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This past weekend I imaged the planets with my C14 and Lumenera camera from my place in the windy Tehachapi mountains.  The breeze was strong enough to bounce the images around a lot, but at least they stayed on the chip.

Jupiter was getting low and imaged in softer seeing, seen here accompanied by moon Io:

  Mars was higher up and in better seeing, and it appears it was a rather cloudy day there along the limb - compare the color view with the near IR image, which penetrated the thin Martian clouds:
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03/26/2014 - Sunday Sun by Tom Bash

After a long imaging drought for me this Sunday I visited Daniel "Dr. D" and was able to shoot some H-alpha Solar images through Herberth Zelaya's refractor equipped with a double stack Coronado 60 mm filters.  These were taken using my monochrome Lumenera camera, so the color was created in PhotoShop:



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03/14/2014 - Pleiades by Garvis

Attached is my capture of the Pleiades using the Stellarvue SV80ST with Lomo lens, captured last Octobber 2013 and reprocessed recently.  What a great and impressive scope I received for my birthday present as it is a once in a life time gift!  Hope you enjoy; please comment/critique as you like and most welcomed.

Capture Date:  10/05/2013
Scope:  Stellarvue SV80 (480mm)
Mount:  Vixen SXD
Autoguider:  SBIG SG-4
Camera:  Canon Xsi modified
ISO:  800
Sutter Speed:  5 minutes
Number of Frame:  17
Total Capture time:  1 hr 25 minutes
No Flats or Bais acquired
Stacked and aligned in ImagesPlus v5.0
Post processing done in Photoshop CS6



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