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Shelyak Instruments - LHIRES III - High Resolution Spectrograph (Assembled and Tuned)


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Lhires III is a very high resolution spectrograph designed for amateur and educational astronomy. Numerous projects are within reach thanks to the technology involved in this instrument. Professional/amateur collaborations have been done with Lhires III spectrographs.

  • power of resolution R ~18000
  • resolution of 0.035nm near Halpha
  • wavelength selected by micrometer
  • mirror slit 15-35µm, reflective for guiding
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope adapter delivered in standard (two-inch available)
  • NEW: internal argon-neon or neon lamp for calibration
  • NEW: internal tungsten for flat
  • NEW: motorised calibration for remote operations
  • NEW: improved C-mount guiding port (focal ratio: 0.8x)

 The guiding camera backfocus range is 15.5mm to 21mm with a C-thread (1inch diameter, 32 threads per inch).

  • switchable grating modules (2400 gr/mm in standard; 1800 gr/mm, 1200 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 300 gr/mm and 150 gr/mm in option)
  • possibility to put an eyepiece
  • photo tripod adapter available for public outreach (visual solar spectrum)
See those videos showing the new Lhires III improvements:
The Lhires III upgrade kit manual shows how to perform the upgrade on an existing Lhires III specrograph; click here to download it.

See otherwise our detailed page on Lhires III


The manual and some other documents are on the documentation page.

Look at the thesis done with a Lhires III by Benjamin G. Jenkins, Georgia State University:
A Study of the Lhires III Spectrograph on the Hard Labor Creek Observatory 20 inch Telescope
URL: http://scholarworks.gsu.edu/phy_astr_theses/12/


Lot of users are showing their results on Spectro-L Yahoo discussion group or ARAS forum so you may want to start from there:

Spectro-L : http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/spectro-l/

ARAS forum: http://www.spectro-aras.com/forum/


Of course, Christian Buil - original designer with us of the Lhires III - has an intensive web site full of informations and provide a free ISIS software to reduce your spectral data, see also ISIS tutorial:





There is an Exposure Time Calculator for Lhires III (ETCL) which should help you finding the best exposure time based on your equipment, location, target and of course grating used - this tool has been developped and correlated with actuall performance measurement with Lhires III spectrographs:








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Name Shelyak Instruments - LHIRES III - High Resolution Spectrograph (Assembled and Tuned)
Manufacturer Shelyak Instruments
Model ES0002