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JMI - DRO Encoder for JMI Focusers


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Manufactured by: Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

JMI DRO Encoder for JMI Focusers


JMI DRO Encoder for JMI Focusers

The encoder assembly is attached to an NGF or EV focuser (specify complete model number). A DRO hand unit or Smart Focus system (see below) is also necessary.

This is the portion of a DRO system that attaches to the JMI EV or NGF focuser.  (Specify the focuser model.)  A DRO Hand Unit or Smart Focus is also necessary for proper operation.

Due to the modular design of the JMI EV focusers, they can be very easily upgraded after purchase to include DRO.  If you do not have a motorized version, see our EV Focuser Individual Parts for a motor upgrade.  For a visual description of the system see Motor Control Diagrams where you can compare DRO, PCFC and Smart Focus.

  • EV-1 / -2 / -3 / -B focusers, Part Number DROEV
  • NGF-XTcM / -XTnM focusers, Part Number DRONGFXT
  • NGF-CM / -55DM / -DX1M / -DX2M focusers, Part Number DRONGFC
  • Newer than 1997 NGF-S focuser, Part Number DRONGFS
  • NGF-1M / -2M / -3M / -4M / -55SM, older than 1998 NGF-S focusers, Part Number DRONGFO
  • NGF-DX3M / -DX4M / -miniCM / -miniS / -mini1M / -mini2M / -mini3M / -mini4M focusers, Part Number DRONGF


*For some NGF models, you will need to return the focuser to the factory for modifications.  Additional charges may apply for parts and/or labor.  (For more specific information, please review the notes below.)

For all JMI focusers we need to have certain information in order to supply the correct parts.  When ordering, please place a note in the shopping cart Comments area identifying the focuser.  For Event Horizon (EV) focusers, "EV" is sufficient information.  For all other focusers, specify the model and date of purchase (date of manufacture if known).

A digital picture is "worth a thousand words" in describing the specific model.  If you email a picture, please give us your Order ID along with your Name.  If we need more information, we will contact you.










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Name JMI - DRO Encoder for JMI Focusers
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
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