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STELLAR - Vari-Flo 330 6-Lamp Flourescent Ficture w/ Lamps, Dimmer, BD, and Case

Model#: DFL-C-330

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Manufactured by: Stellar Lighting Systems

STELLAR - Vari-Flo 330 6-Lamp Flourescent Ficture w/ Lamps, Dimmer, BD, and Case


Stellar Lighting Systems Vari-Flo Lights are professional tools designed and built to hold up to the everyday challenges of Video Production. The sturdy metal housing will travel from location to location, protected by the padded carrying case and the barn doors fold up nicely to protect the bulbs inside.

Vari-Flo Lights are very user friendly and can accept a variety of 55w Fluorescent light bulbs with the 2G11 4-pin base. These standard lamps with color temperatures from 2800 – 5600 degrees Kelvin are available from Osram, Sylvania, Kino Flo, GE, Phillips and other manufacturers so you'll never have to worry about finding a bulb or lamp to create the exact look that you want.

The ballasts are very quiet, even when dimmed. So silent, they can be placed near the subject without fear of picking up any noise that might compromise your work. The ballasts can deliver a whopping 2100 lumens per 55watt bulb and have a 6 f-stop dimming range, equal to the specifications of lights that cost five times as much. In addition to the dimmer control on the housing, Stellar Lighting Systems Vari-Flo Lights come with a remote dimmer control with at six foot cord. You will never again need to bring the light down to adjust the output.


The new 8 lamp - 2 circuit Vari Color System fixture offers the unique ability to control the color temperature of the light without changing the lamps. The Vari Flo 880 comes with 4 – 3200 degree Kelvin and 4 – 5600 degree Kelvin lamps.  It has two dimmers that control four lamps each (every other one) allowing for complete color temperature control. This is an industry first, only available from Stellar Lighting Systems.



  • Complete package.  Everything is included: lamps, barn doors, carry case, fabric diffuser, AC power cord, and remote control.
  • Rugged metal housing with sturdy metal yokes that allow the fixtures to be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Excellent color rendering: colors are more saturated and natural looking.
  • Cool operation, very little heat build up even after hours of use.
  • Improves exposure accuracy of digital cameras and can eliminate exposure error caused by the CCD latitude of digital cameras when shooting.
  • Continuous light for video or still pictures--what you see is what you get!



Voltage: 110V

Total power is 55watts per lamp (6 lamps x 55W = 330W)

Approximately 4 times the light output per watt, compared to quartz halogen lights.

RA= 90+

Brightness steps:  6 f-stops

Additional Information

Name STELLAR - Vari-Flo 330 6-Lamp Flourescent Ficture w/ Lamps, Dimmer, BD, and Case
Manufacturer Stellar Lighting Systems
Model DFL-C-330