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Imaging Source - DFK41 Firewire Color CCD Camera

Model#: DFK41AF02.AS

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Manufactured by: Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras

Imaging Source - DFK41 Firewire Color CCD Camera


Linux Support Available for all TIS Cameras!

Imaging Source DFK 41AF02.AS


Color FireWire Camera for High Resolution Captures of Night Sky

  • Color FireWire camera without IR cut filter
  • 1/2" CCD, progressive scan
  • Resolution 1280 x 960
  • Max. 15 fps
  • Max exposure time 60 min
  • C/CS Mount
  • Software included
  • Nosepiece not included

Resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels

With a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, the astro CCD camera DMK 41AF02.AS is ideally suited for rich captures, full of intricate details. In spite of the high resolution, this telescope camera can capture images with up to 15 frames per second. Using the shipped software - IC Capture.AS - you can capture lossless and uncompressed images sequences as AVI files.

Monochrome Sony CCD

At the heart of the high resolution, telescope camera DMK 41AF02.AS is the CCD ICX205AL, manufactured by Sony®. The chip has a 1/2" format and offers a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixel. Even at long exposure times, its noise is minimal. Thanks to the high quality of the ICX205BL CCD chip, it is often deployed in industrial image processing applications.

No compression, no filter

The CCD camera DMK 41AF02.AS outputs its image data in an uncompressed data stream. IR cut filters, color filters and electronic filters are not deployed in the camera. Thus, the camera produces very true-to-life captures of the night sky.

Fast data transfer via FireWire

Due to its high resolution, uncompressed output and fast refresh rate, the telescope camera DMK 41AF02.AS produces large amounts of data. In order to transfer these to the host PC, a very fast bus is required. Hence, the camera is fitted with a FireWire connector.


Cleaning CCD Chip in DMK, DBK, and DFK Camera Methods:


  • Compressed air from air blower - Compressed air is usually sufficient to remove most foreign bodies from the surface of the CCD chip. We recommend using an air-blower, such as from Edmund Optics, and not compressed air from an aerosol. Compressed air from an aerosol may contain other chemicals (propellant, water, oil etc.) which could damage the surface of the CCD. 
  • Hama Lenspen MiniPro II - A company called Hama manufactures a product, which is ideally suited to the task: Lenspen MiniPro II. It is available online and from most well-stocked photography stores. One side of the pen has a brush on it, while the other, a small cleaning surface. The later is suited to efficiently removing dirt and fingerprints.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth - Although a microfiber cleaning cloth is a very viable option, it can be tricky to get the cloth onto the surface of the CCD chip through the camera's mount opening. A cotton swab (UK: Q-Tip) can help here.
  • 90% pure alcohol - This can be purchased from most chemists. Never use Isopropanol, as it draws moisture from the air, which results in streaks on the surface of the CCD.
  • Alcohol substitute - Instead of pure alcohol, Methanol or a liquid called Eclipse can be used (Eclipse is essentially Methanol). However, we do not recommend this approach, as Methanol is highly poisonous.
  • Combination of all the above - Of course, all approaches can be combined! Do not worry about touching the glass in front of the CCD chip. It is pretty robust. Only by rubbing glass, sand or diamond on the surface can it be scratched.






Product Series

The Imaging Source - a multinational manufacturer of industrial cameras - has just brought to market a new series of 2 megapixel, industrial cameras for cost sensitive applications.

The cameras ship in compact and robust aluminum casing and are available as monochrome and color variants, with or without an IR cut filter. They have a USB 2.0 (without extra power supply) or GigE (with or without auto-iris control) and can output 15 frames per second at a resolution of up 1600x1200 pixels. The cameras are optionally available with a trigger input and digital I/Os, which make them ideally suited to machine vision, automation, traffic surveillance, quality control, medicine, logistic and security applications.

The software support of the cameras leaves nothing to be desired: Both programmers and end-users immediately feel at home. Getting started with the cameras takes only a matter of minutes and integrating them into existing applications takes only a few lines of code. Drivers for LabView, HALCON, DirectX, Twain and WDM are included. All camera parameters and settings can be set via the shipped software. Furthermore, a number of automatic modes are available, which guarantee optimal image quality in varying light conditions. The cameras ship with drivers for Windows XP, Vista and 7, the SDK IC Imaging Control (.NET, ActiveX and C++ class library) and IC Capture. The latter is a powerful end-user application, which allows all camera parameters to be set, live video to be displayed, singular images and image sequences to be captured.

Additional Information

Name Imaging Source - DFK41 Firewire Color CCD Camera
Manufacturer Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras
Model DFK41AF02.AS