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DELKIN - 64GB CompactFlash 450X - UDMA 6

Model#: DDCFPRO3-64GB

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Manufactured by: Delkin Devices

DELKIN - 64GB CompactFlash 450X - UDMA 6


Accelerated Memory for Professional Use
Tired of missing the shot with your advanced speed DSLR due to inferior memory card lag? Our 64GB UDMA 6 Enabled CF Pro boasts expert speed and performance for the most demanding situations. Delkin's 450X CompactFlash memory cards have been specially optimized for digital photography, HD video, hi-res image and other complex data capture and transfer. Advanced wear leveling and rugged manufacturing techniques ensure superior performance and have been tested to perform with the same superior quality under extreme environmental conditions between 32F and 158F. A built-in Error Correction Code scheme has the ability to detect errors down to a single bit. With proficient read and write speeds up to 66MB/s, this high speed card is ideal for professional & specialized photographers and videographers.
Delkin's UDMA 6 CompactFlash is intended to support superior digital SLRs that can utilize its high-performance benefits, but will still provide faster speed for non-UDMA digital cameras. UDMA technology, initially designed to increase the efficiency of actual computers, will drastically lessen input and output times onto your camera without hindering performance. Specifically, the card can receive data from the camera, where it must be initially compressed, at an impeccable rate. As a photographer, this means increased shot accuracy and the ability to process more images, taken in quick succession. UDMA also offers faster download time to a desktop or PC for the mass relocation of images. This alternative to direct-camera transfer will also prevent unwanted battery power loss, restricted camera use during transfer, and most importantly, delay from shooting.
As stated, Delkin Devices is fully committed to customer satisfaction, and their memory cards are put through several rigorous quality assurance tests before being released. If you experience any difficulties or just have questions about your purchase, their US-based customer support system will provide a solution. Delkin's team of technicians will gladly recover the accidental deletion of images completely free of charge and even retrieve files on cards that have been re-formatted or whose file system has been somehow corrupted. Proving our dedication to excellence, Delkin Devices is a member of the CompactFlash Association, guaranteeing strict adherence to the highest level of manufacturing standards.
Read speed: 66 MB/s
Write speed: 36 MB/s
Dimensions: 1.43" x 1.68" x 0.13" (36.4mm x 42.8mm x 3.3mm) - CF Type I
Meets CFA Specification Type I Card Low power consumption for longer battery life

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Name DELKIN - 64GB CompactFlash 450X - UDMA 6
Manufacturer Delkin Devices