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Astrodon - Tru-Balance E-Series - 50mm Square CRGB Filter

Model#: CRGB2-E50S

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Manufactured by: Astrodon

Astrodon - Tru-Balance E-Series - 50mm Square CRGB Filter


These square formatted 50mm CRGB Filters from Astrodon. These filters excel at viewing celestial objects rich in high temperature gas such as spiral galaxies, emmission nebulae, and open star clusters.

What really distinguishes E-Series Tru-Balance filters is their ability to regulate the transition of photons. Within 10%, the RGB color combine weights are about 1:1:1 which means the observor must only take one dark for equal time multiple expores for RGB.

The red filter in this set excels at viewing HII regions, regions of the cosmos rich in low density ionized hydrogen. Common objects such as the Orion Nebula, Eta Carinae Nebula, Sculptor Starburst Galaxy, Messier 82, and the Lagoon Nebula with appear simply fantastic!



Product Series

Astrodon Tru-Balance RGB filters have revolutionized CCD imaging. Their popularity is due to ease-of-use, high optical throughput and great resulting color for galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. There are two varieties of Tru-Balance filters - E-Series and I-Series.

E-Series filters are designed to approximately equalize the flux of Kodak's full-frame (E-Series) CCD detectors, including compensation for the solar photon flux. This means that your RGB color combine weights will be approximately 1:1:1 within perhaps 10%. This can never be perfect, but it does allow you to take equal time exposures for your RGB data and also just one corresponding dark exposure time. * 1.25" mounted, 50 mm dia., 50 mm square * ~1:1:1 color combine weights for G2V white-point for Kodak Full-Frame (E) detectors(patent pending) * Best choice for backthinned and Sony detectors * Equal RGB exposures and one dark time * Better color separation (spectra) * Better color rendition for galaxies based upon color theory * Significant reflection and star halo reduction (see Alnitak image) * Enhanced contrast for HII regions in galaxies * Spectral "gap" to minimize effect of light pollution * Highest efficiency blue filter with less UV * Correct "teal" OIII color for planetary nebula * More parfocal - thickness 3+/-0.025 mm* * Parfocal with Astrodon's high-performance narrowband and near-IR filters * Striae-free 1/4 wave fused silica substrates * 30 arcsec parallelism * Ultra-hard and durable sputtered coatings Astrodon filters are known for being parfocal on most systems. The new thickness tolerance of +/-0.025mm (25 microns) for Generation 2 LRGB fitlers is a factor of 2 better than Gerneration 1 filters, and should be parfocal for systems down to f/3.5, IF your optical system is well color corrected. We have reduced the UV contribution in the lumincance and blue filters for this reason to reduce star bloat The Clear (no near-IR blocking) may produce bloated stars if your optical system has poor near-IR focus. Use the near-IR-blocked Luminance filter in this case. The Clear filter is likely a better choice for reflectors, such as Ritchey-Cretiens, rather than refractors or camera lenses. Halo elimination results from a pioneering design that places both the bandpass layer and the blocking layer on one side of the 1/4-wave substrate and a high performance anti-reflective coating on the other side. As a result there is virtually no internal reflection between these surfaces that can cause halos around bright stars in other filter brands. M45 is one of the most demanding of targets that often leads to halos around bright stars.

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Additional Information

Name Astrodon - Tru-Balance E-Series - 50mm Square CRGB Filter
Manufacturer Astrodon
Model CRGB2-E50S