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Coronado - PST (<1A) Personal Solar Telescope


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Manufactured by: Coronado

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Coronado PST: Personal Solar Telescope (<1.0Å )

The Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is a Coronado innovation. The world's most popular telescope to observe the Sun. This 40mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completly internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics with a 1.0 angstrom hydrogen-alpha (Ha) bandpass for great surface detail. The PST will show you the dynamic, ever changing prominences at the edge of the Sun as well as filaments and other surface details in amazing detail, all in the brilliant and distinctive red color of hydrogen-alpha light.

Coronado PST solar telescope DMK 51 Monochrome CCD Imaging Source


At first, it would seem as if owning a telescope that is designed upon observation of only one object is a waste. You'd be wrong and Coronado has gone through enormous efforts to show this. Because the sun emits so much radiation and light, no telescope designed for night time observing is equipped to handle this. In fact, these telescopes very likely could be damaged by the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays. Worse yet, so will your eyes! Given all that, a telescope that can look at the sun seems like a great luxury that every astronomer should have the experience of using. Just because telescopes have a common perception of night time stargazing doesn't mean they're all like that!

The Coronado PST solar telescope is equipped to view the sun with security and safety in mind. Unlike other solar telescopes which use regular optics in conjunction with solar filters, the Coronado PST solar telescope has all its optics, both internal and external, solar oriented. Similar to the SolarMax II 90 and SolarMax II 60 telescopes, this is the ultimate for those solar sun lovers! Astronomers on the ground can now see the sun's solar disk in detail. Thanks to Coronado!

The image to the left was taken by Kevin LeGore. The Coronado PST was used in addition to a DMK 51 CCD Camera by the Imaging Source. It clearly shows the sun spots and surface fluctuations. While the time at this was taken there were no solar flares, if there ever are some (solar maximum is coming up!), then they would clearly be seen.

You may think how a solar telescope can look at the sun and not overheat. Coronado has taken enormous considerations in maintaining a safe thermal stability. This PST telescope has a thermal stability of <1.0Å.


The PST is equipped with optics oriented towards the H-alpha. In addition, Coronado has implemented a 30mm internal etalon primary blocking filter as well as a fine focuser.

 Observers can use virtually any standard photo tripod that is equipped with a 1.25-20 mounting bolt. A Malta table top tripod will also work, as well as the Meade DSM mount with GoTo.




Product Series

The PST is the latest innovation from Coronado. This 'little' telescope is another step toward our goal of making it possible for everyone to, "experience the Sun our way." Sub angstrom H-A systems have long been cost prohibitive for the amateur. Designs other than the Coronado are difficult to use because of temperature and F-Ratio requirements. Not only does the PST have a bandpass of <1.0 angstrom but it is also thermally stable and requires no more time to operate than putting in a eyepiece and adjusting the focus.


The PST comes with:

  • Built in Sol Ranger for easy alignment
  • 12.5mm eyepiece
  • Re-usable box with dye cut foam for safe storage

Optional accessories include a hard travel case, MALTA tabletop mount, CEMAX Series Eyepieces, and SolarMax 40 for double stacking and narrowing the bandpass. To add a SolarMax 40 you will require the T-Max 40 for attaching the unit directly to the PST. PST Specifications: * Aperture: 40mm * Focal length: 400mm * F/Ratio: F/10) * Bandwith: <1A or < 0.5A * Thermal Stability: 0.005 A/C * Blocking: Full blocking >105 from EUV to far IR

Additional Information

Name Coronado - PST (<1A) Personal Solar Telescope
Manufacturer Coronado
Model PST
Aperture 40mm
Bandwidth <1.0
Focal Length 400mm
Focal Ratio f/10
Thermal Stability 0.005 /C