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Spectrum - Color Filter Wheel - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Spectrum - Color Filter Wheel - DISCONTINUED


Fine details on planets and the Moon can be enhanced by viewing through colored filters. Colored filters can increase contrast between bordering regions of the Moon or planets by lightening one area color while darkening neighboring areas. Colored filters also are able to reduce irradiation, which is the deformation of a boundary between a light and dark region on a planetary or lunar surface.

Finally, a variable planetary, lunar and terrestrial filter wheel with a spectrum of multiple colors! Forget the aggravation of having to change filters several times during a viewing session. No more dropping, damaging or losing filters in the dark. This amazing filter simply fits into any 1.25in. telescope eyepiece holder. Includes a built-in 2X Barlow lens and color indicator window.

PLEASE NOTE! This filter is not a solar filter. This filter is not to be used to view the Sun by the human eye.

Additional Information

Name Spectrum - Color Filter Wheel - DISCONTINUED
Model CFW
Discountinued Yes