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Celestron - NexGuide Autoguider


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Manufactured by: Celestron

Celestron - NexGuide Autoguider


Celestron NexGuide Autoguider

A crucial part in astrophotography is autoguiding; that is making sure your telescope is aligned and tracked accurately to ensure accurate and pinpoint images. However, this process can be quite annoying when you have a bunch of cables and equipment that connects to each other in pitch dark. Getting rid of a laptop would be a huge relief! Celestron has now built their NexGuide Autoguider with convenience in mind by incorporating a screen with the guider, so there is no need to have a third party computer for this purpose.

The NexGuide Autoguider by Celestron is built with a 5.6mm x 4.7 mm Sony CCD chip. The great feature about this guider is the ability to auto calibrate. There is also a 9 button controller for flexibility in controlling the autoguider. Due to the sensitivity of the Sony CCD chip, fainter stars are now much easier to track. Celestron has designed the NexGuide with a standard ring to be used with any eyepiece with a barrel size of 1.25" to aid in focusing.


  • Stand-Alone autoguider eliminates the need for a laptop computer
  • Sensitive CCD sensor allows you to track on fainter stars
  • Larger chip provides more area for locating and keeping guide star on chip
  • Automatic calibration of each axis in addition to automatically setting guide rate parameters
  • Battery pack provides free and unrestricted use in the field
  • Standard ring allows you to use any 1.25" eyepiece for centering and focusing
  • 9-Button hand control allows quicker access to navigate menus
  • Sony CCD Sensor - Chip size: 5.6mm x 4.7 mm - Pixel Size: 9.6u x 7.5u
  • Extermal Power Supply - 4 D-cell batteries (not included) or optional DC power supply






Additional Information

Name Celestron - NexGuide Autoguider
Manufacturer Celestron
Model 93713
Manufacturer Part No 93713
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