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Celestron - CGE Pro Mount


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Manufactured by: Celestron


CELESTRON - CGE Pro Computerized Equatorial Mount with Tripod • 91527

Celestron’s CGE Pro Equatorial Mount is definitely their most heavy duty advanced mount on the market. Astrophotography enthusiasts will certainly be pleased at the payload and work gears included in this mount that strives to create excellent tracking and alignment procedures to achieve the best exposures possible without large amounts of pre-setup time. Up to 90 pounds of payload can be mounted, accommodating almost all of Celestron and third party optical tubes. To obtain excellent photographs, the mount must be precisely aligned. All-Star Alignment gets the mount aligned precisely with the north celestial pole. By choosing a bright star to slew to, the mount can give the user a reference point to adjust the altitude and azimuth with the knobs to precisely get an appropriate polar alignment. When the CGE Pro Equatorial Mount is aligned, observing can begin. Even for visible observers, a maximum slewing rate of over 5°/per second will increase the number of objects the observer will be able to see (or image) over a given night.

The internal motors of the CGE Pro are designed to give the most precise tracking possible. On its basic function, the mount has an accuracy of 5 arc minutes, but when using additional pointing features like Calibration Stars and Sync and Precise GoTo helps improves this to 1 arc minute. For further improvements, the calibration feature in the NexStar hand control uses multiple star alignments that can compensate for inaccuracies incurred by the mount. On the imaging side, the mount can track past 20° through the meridian which is the best part of the night sky. The NexStar hand controller has a database of 40,000 object database with information on around 200 of them. Slew rates can also be set from the hand controller and there are nine to choose from including 5.5 deg/s, 2 deg/s, 0.5 deg/s, 64x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 1x, 0.5x.  Inside the mount includes a .75" pitch diameter precision made steel worm with two .87" outer diameter ball bearings. If the user wants to control the mount via PC there is a RS-232 connection port on the hand controller.

The mount also comes packaged with optical tubes in the CGE Pro HD series and CGE Pro Series telescopes.


  • Holds a maximum instrument capacity of 90 lbs
  • Smooth +/- 5 arc second typical unguided periodic error, which can be further reduced with PPEC
  • Permanent Programmable Periodic Error Correction (PEC) - corrects for periodic tracking errors inherent to all worm drives
  • CGE PRO computerized Equatorial mount
  • Heavy duty stainless steel tripod adjustable from 38 - 55"
  • One 22 lb counterweight
  • Weighs 154 lbs







Product Series


Introducing Celestron's New Aplanatic Schmidt Telescope Design!

  • Visibly Sharper Images
  • Superior Performance
  • Enhanced Mechanical Features
  • Fastar Compatible

EdgeHD is an aplanatic Schmidt telescope designed to produce aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view.  The optical system was designed to reduce more than just off-axis star coma, but also to give an astrograph quality flat focal plane all the way to the edge of the field of view.




Additional Information

Name Celestron - CGE Pro Mount
Manufacturer Celestron
Model CEL-91527
Manufacturer Part No CEL-91527
Custom Stock Status In Stock
Alignment Procedures 2-Star Align, Solar System Align, Last Alignment, Quick Align, 1-Star Align,
Computer Hand Control Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 backlit LED buttons
Counterweights 1 x 22 lbs
Counterweight Bar 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
GPS Optional SkySync GPS Accessory
Payload Capacity 90 lbs (40.82 kg)
Tracking Modes EQ North and EQ South
Tracking Rates Sidereal, Solar and Lunar