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JMI - Carrying Case for Meade LX 10"

Model#: CASELX10

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Manufactured by: Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

JMI - Carrying Case for Meade LX 10"


The case includes four lockable latches, three steel-reinforced handles, a 3" by 30" steel hinge and die-cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, eyepieces, finder scope and accessories. The finder scope must be removed from the telescope and placed in a special vinyl cover included with the case. The Meade Microfocuser on the GPS scope must also be removed and placed in a foam compartment in the case. Three thumbscrews are provided to replace the focuser's original mounting setscrews, for easy removal and reinstallation. The case can be carried or pulled using the attached wheels. Optional upgrades include the Large-Wheel Upgrade and Retractable Handle Upgrade (best if installed at time of purchase).

When used for the Meade LX90, the LNT Module and SmartFinder must be removed and stored in the case. An adapter bracket is included (see below) for instant accurate repositioning when attaching the LNT Module.

Outside dimensions of the case are approximately 36-3/4" x 24-5/8" x 16-1/2" and its empty weight is approximately 26.2 lbs. The shipping box is approximately 26-1/4" x 19" x 38-3/4" (FedEx Ground dimensional weight is 100 lbs) and the shipping weight is approximately 34.1 lbs. All values are subject to slight changes.






Product Series

JMI Carrying Cases include crush-resistant die-cut foam, contoured to safely hold your telescope during transport. The larger cases are manufactured by JMI with 1/4″ plastic for super strong support. Most cases include an extra handle on one end with wheels on the opposite end for easily maneuvering the case without lifting the entire weight. These attractive and efficiently designed cases are substantially smaller than the original shipping box and even smaller than most soft cases. They protect your investment while making it easier to move your scope from one location to another.

Additional Information

Name JMI - Carrying Case for Meade LX 10"
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Model CASELX10