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TeleVue - Bandmate Mars TYPE A Filter

Model#: BMA-0125

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Manufactured by: TeleVue

TeleVue - Bandmate Mars TYPE A Filter


Bandmate™ Mars Type-A Filter

We all know you can't have your cake and eat it too, but the Bandmate™ Mars Type-A filter lets you at least have a good taste! The Type-A is a dual band filter with different dielectric coatings on each side of the substrate. The dual band nature of the filter permits green and red through while rejecting all other visible colors. The effect is to enhance detail on the Martian surface while preserving the natural color of the polar caps and rest of the surface. Since this filter provides a most natural view, it is highly recommended for public viewing.

Product Series

Bandmate™ filters yield bright, sharp and contrasty images - even in the optically sensitive position in front of the diagonal. Optical glass and red filtering allows for sharp and bright views of nebulae with embedded star clusters - such as the Lagoon Nebula (M8).

Features of TeleVue Bandmate™ Filters * Optical grade BK7 glass to insure no image degradation due to the substrate. * Ion beam deposition of the coatings produces hard, stable coatings to reduce changes due to temperature and humidity. * Dielectric filter for high transmission and blocking of unwanted wavelengths provide high contrast images. * Aluminum filter cells precision machined and laser etched.

Additional Information

Name TeleVue - Bandmate Mars TYPE A Filter
Manufacturer TeleVue
Model BMA-0125