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Model#: BP85x11

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Manufactured by: Thousand Oaks Optical

TO -  BLACK POLYMER   8.5X11 Sheet


A lower cost alternative where lower magnification is used such as with binoculars, camera filters, finder scopes and small telescopes. Stronger than Mylar with the filtering properties protected within the substrate. Solar image is yellow-orange. Also available in sheets. Guaranteed 5 years. 

Product Series

Thousand Oaks R-G Solar Film Filters

Designed with quality and cost in mind, our new R-G Solar Film provides a superior image of the sun at a very economical price. Unlike other brands of thin film solar filters, the R-G Solar Film provides a more pleasing and natural Yellow-Orange image of the sun our customers have come to know and love through our Glass Solar Filter product line. The R-G Film is also available in sheets for those who like to make their own solar filters. Guaranteed 5 years

Additional Information

Name TO - BLACK POLYMER 8.5X11 Sheet
Manufacturer Thousand Oaks Optical
Model BP85x11