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Baader Planetarium - 2" Filter Holder M48 / SP54


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Manufactured by: Baader Planetarium


Baader 2" Filter Holder M48/SP54


With this product you can adapt Baader's 2" Astro Filters onto practically any DSLR camera lens for widefield astrophotography. It uses Hyperion DT Rings from 28mm to 82mm for coupling onto the camera lenses front filter threads. Great for UV imagers too (flower and forensic imaging).

Has internal M48 filter threads on one side for attaching 2" Baader Astro-Filters and external M54 threads on the same side for attachment of Baader Hyperion DT-Rings. Please note that due to this adapter design (both threads on the same side) and the unique design of the cells of Baader filters, this adapter will only work with Baader's filters. Most other standard 2" filters do not have a male M48 thread that is long enough to reach the M48 female thread from the inside on this adapter.

As a bonus, this adapter also has a standard female SCT thread (2", 24TPI) on the other side, so this can also function as an M48 female to SCT female adapter or as a M54 male to SCT female adapter.





Additional Information

Name Baader Planetarium - 2" Filter Holder M48 / SP54
Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
Model DSLR-2