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Astrovid - StellaCam3 Monochrome CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output

Model#: AV-STCAM3

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Manufactured by: Astrovid

Astrovid - StellaCam3 Monochrome CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output


AstroVid StellaCam3 Monochrome CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output

Are you ready to "beat the seeing"? Not only does the Astrovid StellaCam III revolutionize the world of video astronomy, but it will help to reveal faint objects in greater detail than you've ever seen before! How? Because the three stands for three cameras in one: a superb eyepiece camera for taking photographs of the planets, a deep sky imaging tool and a highly sensitive video integration system!

No longer is it required to bring your telescope down to f/3.3. Telescopes will perform very well at f/6 for deep sky imaging, however for maximum deep sky penetration you should make the optical system as fast as possible. The commercial f/3.3 focal reducers work quite well. There is no amplifier glow in this camera, even with exposures of two minutes and longer. The Sony HAD CCD sensor used in the StellaCam 3 is quite low in noise so star images are very round. You will see the most detail possible in all of your deep sky, lunar, solar, and planetary images!

In the unlimited exposure mode any length of exposure is possible with the Stellacam 3. One minute exposures show an incredible amount of detail, but you do not have to stop there. You can go as long as you want in terms of exposure time. You can really fine tune the exposure to your mount. If your mount is accurate to 37 seconds you can go up to that point. If it is a more accurate mount you can expose longer. Objects like Stephen's Quintet are not merely just detectable but vast structure is visible in 10 inch telescopes! NGC 7331 shows dust lanes and all of the companion galaxies and comets of magnitude 15.5 or fainter are seen in detail in 1 minute exposures.

There is also a variable gain going from 0dB - 38db. This variable gain can help you fine tune the sensitivity of your Astrovid StellaCam 3 astronomy video camera. A small increase in gain can add much greater sensitivity to your camera. We allow the gain to be fine tuned, as we want to preserve as much detail as possible in the image. The gain is not boosted or hypered to such high levels that this leads to increased artifacts and less dynamic range. You will see more detail in your objects with the StellaCam 3.... Faint objects way beyond what you can normally see in your telescope will become the norm for your observing sessions!


Astrovid StellaCam3 Monochrome Video Imaging System Features...

  • Live video viewing with no computer required.
  • Will outperform your entire eyepiece collection.
  • See farther, deeper and cleaner than ever before.
  • A Planetary, Lunar, Solar, and Deep Sky camera all in one.
  • Unlimited exposure times possible.
  • Faint Galaxy Clusters, Planetary Nebula, Reflection Nebulosity, and comets are easily imaged!
  • Unique optional StellaCam3 with Cooling System for artifact free images.


The Astrovid StellaCam3 video camera has excellent sensitivity to infrared radiation to approximately 1100nm. This increased sensitivity works to your advantage in capturing deep sky objects. If you have an achromatic telescope you may find that correcting the color correction of the telescope using a UV/IR blocking filter will improve star images. This camera is sensitive enough to use as a color imager. RGB dichroic filters have the highest transmission rates and offer the best solution for color imaging. The strength of the StellaCam3 lies in the fact that it is very low in noise, has a very evenly illuminated background, has excellent dynamic range, showing vast amounts of detail in the middle grayscale range. It also produces very pinpoint star images enable this camera to be used for astrometric and photometric work.





Product Series

COMMAND YOUR OWN COSMIC VOYAGE ... ... and see more than you ever imagined possible! Experience The ASTROVID StellaCam3

1. Faint Fuzzies are history! 2. See Far Deeper, Clearer, and Cleaner with the StellaCam 3 3. Will outperform your ENTIRE eyepiece Collection 4. Live Video Viewing with no Computer Required 5. A Planetary, Lunar, Solar, and Deep Sky camera all in one. 6. Unlimited Exposure times possible 7. Unique OPTIONAL Cooling System for artifact free images! 8. The result of 12 years of video camera research and development. The StellaCam3 System includes: Astrovid - StellaCam3 B&W CCD Video Integrating Imaging System (NTSC) Power Supply, 1.25"-C Adapter, RCA-F Connector, & 25' Video Cable, Instructions, One Year Warranty.

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Name Astrovid - StellaCam3 Monochrome CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output
Manufacturer Astrovid