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FLI - Atlas Digital Focuser

Model#: ATLAS

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Manufactured by: Finger Lakes Instrumentation


The production load test setup consists of an Atlas focuser horizontally mounted to a fixed base and loaded with a ProLine camera at the end of a 10" long aluminum tube. As the focuser is moved repeatedly in both directions, it comes back to the same position every time. The displacement is measured by a dial indicator with 0.0001" resolution, a close-up of the dial face is shown for clearer viewing. Small step actuation at the end of the sequence highlights the precision of the instrument.

Ice crystals form on the surface of the Atlas focuser after it was removed from FLI's temperature chamber. The focuser handles operation in temperatures below -25°C thanks to a high-performance low-temperature lubricant. Special precautions are necessary for those cold nights, ice buildup must be in kept in check in order to allow the focuser parts to move freely.





Additional Information

Name FLI - Atlas Digital Focuser
Manufacturer Finger Lakes Instrumentation