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ATIK - 4000LE Color CCD Camera

Model#: ATK0056

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Manufactured by: Atik  Cameras


The Atik 4000LE (color) CCD camera is a reduced-cost version of the popular Atik 4000 camera.  The Atik 4000LE  large format CCD camera provides the serious Astronomer a gateway into the world of large-format Imaging. It incorporates a 4-million pixel Kodak KAI-04022 (color) sensor with 7.4µm x 7.4µm pixel size   At 15mm x 15mm the sensor array is a perfect fit for standard 1.25'' filters, eliminating the need for the larger 2" filters. The 7.4 µm square pixels with microlenses provide high sensitivity and the large full well capacity results in high dynamic range. The two high-speed outputs and binning capabilities allow for 16-50 frames per second (fps) video rate for the progressively scanned images. The vertical overflow drain structure provides anti-blooming protection and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control.

Other features include low dark current, negligible lag and low smear.  The Kodak sensors require dark frames to be used for calibration, and these must be taken at the same temperature as the primary image. The Atik 4000LE achieves this through the inclusion of full temperature setting regulation using a single-stage Peltier element and fan. This can provide cooling to 33 degrees below ambient. Efficient cooling cuts thermal noise to an absolute minimum and reduces the presence of hot pixels, but it raises the risk of condensation forming in or on the camera. A high-efficiency dessicant is used to dry the air inside the sensor chamber, thereby preventing internal condensation. Meanwhile, condensation on the outside of the camera is controlled through the use of heater elements which gently warm the optical window. The power supplied to this heater is controllable through software (included) so that it can be adapted to the environmental conditions.  Temperature stability is normally achieved within a few minutes even in less than ideal climate conditions.

The Atik large-format cameras have been designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding users, yet offer an unparalleled simplicity of use. They have only two plug-in points - a 2.1mm socket for the 12V power supply, and a USB2 port for communicating with your computer. The camera is also compatible with Atiks' highly respected Capture software, as well as with Astroart, CCDSoft and Maxim DL.

CCD Grading?  This Atik 4000LE is fitted with the highly acclaimed TrueSense Kodak KAI-04022 (color) sensor as standard. This comes in a single commercial grade and is tested and qualified as having no column defects.  

System requirements: Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM, XP/Vista/Win7, CD-ROM drive and USB 2.0 port.

                                                               KAI-04022 Image Sensor

                                                                                 The KAI-04022 (color) Image Sensor                                                                                                                                            





Additional Information

Name ATIK - 4000LE Color CCD Camera
Manufacturer Atik Cameras
Model ATK0056
ADC (analog to digital converter) 16 bit
Antiblooming >1000x
Communication Ports ST-4 compatible
Cooling Single stage Peltier with ΔT=-33C Full temperature regulation.
Dark Current e-/p/s at 0°C 0.01 electrons per sec at -20 degrees
Exposure Length (Max) Unlimited
Exposure Lenght (Min) 1/1000 s
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Pixel Size 7.4 µM x 7.4 µM
Power Supply 12v DC
Read Noise 11 e- typical value
Resolution (Horizontal) 2048 pixels
Resolution (Vertical) 2048 pixels
Sensor Type CCD - Kodak KAI 04022
Size 16.67mm x 16.05mm
Thread on front of camera T-Thread (42x0.75)