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Astrodon - 1.25" Narrowband filter 5 nm FWHM


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Manufactured by: QSI


Narrowband (NB) filters  enhance contrast of emission objects by accepting only a narrow range of wavelengths around the emission lines of hydrogen (H-a, 656 nm), oxygen (OIII, 501 nm), sulfur (SII, 672nm) and others.

They can be used to image when the moon is up, thereby extending imaging time. They can be used in light-polluted locations. 

The narrow range of wavelengths is defined as  the FWHM (full-width at half- maximum intensity).  Narrower filters decrease the background noise.  However, narrower filters are more difficult to manufacture consistently, and are thus more expensive.  Furthermore, it is difficult to maintain high transmission through the bandpass of the filter as it becomes narrower. If the peak transmission decreases as the filter is made narrower, the emission signal decreases and the gain in S/N (signal-to-noise) is not realized. 

Additional Information

Name Astrodon - 1.25" Narrowband filter 5 nm FWHM
Manufacturer QSI
Model FL1-AD-xx5