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Apogee - Aspen CG1007 Spectroscopy Monochrome CCD Camera


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Manufactured by: Apogee Imaging Systems


Apogee Aspen CG1007 Spectroscopy Monochrome Grade S CCD Camera



Hamamatsu S101040-1007 Sensor:

The Hamamatsu S10140-1007 Sensor is specifically designed for spectroscopy due to its low readout noise and backed-thinned CCD sensor.

CCD camera Apogee Hamamatsu monochrome astrophotography


S10140/S10141 series is a family of back-thinned FFT-CCD image sensors specifically designed for low-light-level detection in scientific applications. By using the binning operation, S10140/S10141 series can be used as a linear image sensor having a long aperture in the direction of the device length. This makes S10140/S10141 series ideally suited for use in spectrophotometry. The binning operation offers significant improvment in S/N and signal processing speed compared with conventional methods by which signals are digitally added by an external circuit. S10140/S10141 series also features low noise and low dark signal (MPP mode operation). This enables low-light-level detection and long integration time, thus achieving a wide dynamic range.


Apogee Aspen CG1007

The Apogee CG1007 Aspen camera incorporates the Hamamatsu S10140-1007 sensor which makes this CCD camera specifically designed for spectrographic purposes. It is also equipped with high-end cooling methods and incorporates a built in web server.

Product Series

Aspen is the newest in design innovation from Apogee Imaging Systems. Aspen increases cooling performance in a smaller package, improves stray light baffling, adds a Network interface with a built-in web server, supports dual output CCDs up to 16Mhz and sets a new standard in shutter reliability. All Aspen systems are backed by a 2 year warranty on the camera and lifetime warranty on the CCD chamber integrity. Apogee part numbers must be referenced on all purchase the camera and lifetime warranty on the CCD chamber integrity.

Additional Information

Name Apogee - Aspen CG1007 Spectroscopy Monochrome CCD Camera
Manufacturer Apogee Imaging Systems
Model CG1007M
Array 12.3mm x 1.5mm
CCD Image Area 18mm sq.
CCD Type Hamamatsu S10140-1007 Back-Illuminated
Pixel Size 12 microns
Star Diagonal 12.4mm