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Apogee - Alta F42 Back-Illuminated Monochrome CCD Camera - Grade 0

Model#: F42M-G0

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Manufactured by: Apogee Imaging Systems


APOGEE -  F42 Grade 0 -  Back-Illuminated CCD Camera - Alta Series

  • The Apogee Alta F42 CCD Camera has a back-illuminated full frame 4 megapixel EV2 CCD42-40 sensor with very high quantum efficiency. Midband, broadband, and UV-enhanced versions of the CCD are available.
  • Ideal for applications requiring large field of view, such as ideal for biological science OEMs, astronomy, and spectroscopic imaging.
  • The Apogee Alta F42 CCD Camera includes Apogee TE cooled camera head, CCD, 5m cable, international power supply and ActiveX driver.


With a designation of Grade 0, the Alta F42 Back-Illuminated CCD camera from has outstanding pixel quality, meaning the total number of hot and distorted pixels is extremely low. Therefore, unlike Grade 1 or Grade 2 CCD sensors, most refining and processing pixels after taking a series of exposure's won't be necessary. There are optional filter wheels available from Apogee for this camera.


 The EV2 CCD42-40 sensor:


The EV2 CCD42-40 sensor has a full frame format and is back-illuminated, meaning it excels at gathering large amounts of light to improve when viewing in low light conditions. In addition, there are no anti-blooming gates to hinder  sensitivity unlike some Kodak KAF sensors. In low light conditions, this technology normally isn't used because sensitivity is reduced.

The diagram below shows the difference between anti-blooming and blooming sensitivity. The process is quite straightforward, and is simply a matter of area. There is no blockage of pixels in anti-blooming sensitivty, the fill factor takes up 100% of the sensor. In the blooming sensitivity, slightly less than three quarters of the fill factor is used.





Since the EV2 CCD42-40 sensor in the Alta F42 camera doesn't utilize anti-blooming technology, user's observing with cameras such as this one should take multiple exposures rather than one large, simply to avoid long streaks of light around particularly bright points.

On each side of the CCD42-40 sensor, there are noise amplifiers.


Optional Filter Wheels

The AFW50 series of filter wheels provide large format filtering solutions for all Alta cameras and Ascent cameras with large format CCDs, such as the A16000. The AFW50-9R filter wheel provides 9 positions for 50mm / 2” round filters. The AFW50-7S and AFW50-10S provide 7 and 10 positions for 50mm / 2” square filters, respectively. The filter wheel are controlled via USB 2.0. The filter wheel easily adapts to the Ascent bodies. Apogee was the first to provide a precision locking mechanism on all of our filter wheels, insuring accurate positioning of each filter each time. Below are the three filter wheels. The left is the 9 position round Filter Wheel (AFW50-9R), the middle is the 7 position square filter wheel (AFW50-7S) and the right is the 10 position square filter wheel (AFW50-10S).










Product Series

Alta cameras offer the best warranty in the business, and for good reason: Apogee's Alta Camera Series focuses on quality and reliability so you can focus on innovation and discovery. With a lifetime warranty against condensation in the inner chamber, and a two year parts and labor warranty, including the CCD, we have the best warranty in the industry. If you've got an out-of-box issue with one of our cameras, we're the only company that pays for shipping both ways. Why do we offer such an outstanding warranty? Because Alta cameras are rock solid from day one.

Front Illuminated Full Frame CCD 



Back Illuminated Full Frame CCD

Additional Information

Name Apogee - Alta F42 Back-Illuminated Monochrome CCD Camera - Grade 0
Manufacturer Apogee Imaging Systems
Model F42M-G0
Array 27.6mm x 27.6mm
Binning Options 1x1 to 10 x 2048 on-chip
Camera Resolution 12 bits at 2 MHz and 16 bits at 700 kHz
CCD E2V CCD42-40
CCD Image Area 764mm sq.
Computer Interface USB 2.0
Cooling Thermoelectric cooler with forced air. Maximum cooling 40-45° C below ambient temperature (D02 housing); 60-65C below ambient (D09 housing)
Exposure 20 milliseconds to 183 minutes (2.56 microsecond increments)
Pixel Size 13.5 x 13.5 microns
Sensor Type E2V CCD42-40
Star Diagonal 39.1mm