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AG Optical - 10" Newtonian Astrograph Telescope - DISCONTINUED

Model#: N10a

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: AG Optical Systems

AG Optical - 10" Newtonian Astrograph Telescope - DISCONTINUED


AG Optical 10" Newtonian Astrograph


The 10" Newtonian Astrograph from AG Optical features an exterior thermal stable, secure, and lightweight carbon fiber tube and optically has a fast focal ratio, corrected optics, and a large aperture making this optical tube excellent for photography of deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.


  • Best in class FLI Atlas focuser is standard
  • High quality primary and secondary optics (Ultra Low Expansion mirrors optional)
  • Thick wall carbon fiber sandwich honeycomb core tube for focus stability
  • Wynne corrector with generous 3.1" of back focus, focus interface machined directly into
  • Focuser reinforcement rings to carry heavy camera loads
  • Multipoint primary mirror flotation cell with heavy duty locking screws for collimation stability
  • 100% Made in the USA with outstanding customer support


The optics inside the 10" Newtonian AG Optical astrograph have a fast focal ratio of f/3.8 coatings. The primary mirror comes with a CATSEYE for collimation purposes.


  • Supremax 33 low expansion mirrors
  • Enhanced aluminum coatings
  • CNC-machined multi-point flotation cell for primary mirror
  • Multiple edge supports at mirror's center of gravity
  • Primary mirror baffle



Wynne Corrector

AG Optical has designed their own corrector known as the Wynne Corrector. This optical corrector is 3.2 inches and is made in the United States completely. It can provide pinpoint images of stars over a 50mm field of view. Another advantage is the 78.5mm of backfocus it provides to aid in focusing for preperation of astroimaging.


  • High quality broadband antireflection coating on each lens surface
  • Multiple Schott and Ohara glass types used to achieve excellent correction from 400nm to 700nm across 50 mm image circle
  • FLI Atlas and Wynne corrector included as standard
  • Wynne corrector housing has Atlas interface machined directly into the corrector housing to ensure a tilt-free, repeatable, and extremely rigid connection between the focuser and the Wynne corrector.


FLI Focuser

As far as focusers are concerned, AG Optical chose the FLI Atlas due to its heavy payload for cameras, smooth cameras, and automatic focusing for stars.

  • CNC machined 6061 components, black anodized for a dark, durable finish
  • All fasteners stainless steel
  • Focuser base reinforcement rings are standard on AGO Newtonian astrographs to provide critical support to heavy imaging cameras.
  • High quality prepreg carbon fiber materials cured at elevated temperature using vacuum bag techniques
  • Reinforced interface at tube-to-focuser base junction
  • Three 12vdc, speed adjustable cooling fans





Additional Information

Name AG Optical - 10" Newtonian Astrograph Telescope - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer AG Optical Systems
Model N10a
Discountinued Yes
Aperture 10"
Focal Length 38"
Focal Ratio f/3.8
Focuser FLI Atlas
Optical Coatings High reflectivity aluminum
Optical Tube 34"
Tube Diameter 14"
Tube Ring Hinged, 6061 black anodized, predrilled to fit Paramount ME Versaplate