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Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes has been serving Photo and Telescope enthusiasts since 1952 in the same, convenient location at 5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd in Woodland Hills, Calif.  The store is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly experts who go way beyond in their efforts to serve, educate , and satisfy customers in every aspect of photography, birding, astronomy and outdoor observing.

Their mantra is that there is always a Solution to every predicament or concern that arises.

The store has recently merged with "The Darkroom Lab", well known for years to area photographers both amateur and professional as providing the finest in custom photo finishing.  Curt, the   general manager for 24 years of "The Darkroom", has joined WHC&T as Telescope Manager and Customer specialist.  Scott, the Sales Manager in charge of the Camera Dept has been with the store for more than 12 years.  He has a loyal client base literally country wide, and teaches classes in Photographic Lighting and basic Camera principles as well. Daniel, the Telescope Guru and resident expert has been with WHC&T for several years and is eager to share his knowledge of astronomy equipment and accessories.  He brings experience gained from working for telescope giants such as Celestron and involved in every aspect of Telescope theory and construction. Farah, the owner, general manager, and leader for more than 28 years of this amazing observing and imaging "candy store", is also in charge of Customer Service and is dedicated to satisfy or work out a solution if a problem arises. In addition, for every Manager there are well qualified employees to help keep the machine in top-notch working order.

There are many more services that Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes provides such as Equipment Rentals, Repairs, Accessories galore and a 24 hour a day Internet Sales Staff managed by Sandy, a veteran of 30 years at WHC&T.  Stop in and be amazed at the quality inventory on hand as well as the friendly people eager to serve you.     www.TelescopeS.NET

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