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Celestron - Computerized Hand Control for NexStar 5i & 8i - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Celestron

Celestron - Computerized Hand Control for NexStar 5i & 8i - DISCONTINUED


Use Your NexStar 5i/8i with the Optional Computerized Hand Control (#93962) to gain these Go-To Features:

  • 40,000+ object database The expanded, programmable user database includes the complete Messier, NGC, IC and Caldwell catalogs. Customized lists of all the best galaxies, nebulae and other deep-sky objects. Room for hundreds of user defined objects.
  • Quick Align -- An easy way to get the altazimuth mount tracking without actually aligning on two stars.
  • Hibernate -- This power saving device allows you to power down the telescope without losing your alignment. The optional CN-16 GPS accessory must be connected. All you have to do is enter the correct time. Hibernate allows you to look for planets in the daytime after having used the telescope the night before or to observe night after night without having to re-align.
  • Database Filter Limits -- User-defined so that only objects visible above the horizon are displayed on the hand control.
  • AutoAlign -- Automatically aligns the telescope in altazimuth mode using the optional CN-16 GPS Accessory.
  • Wedge Align Algorithm -- Automatically aligns the telescope to the celestial pole. Essential when you are performing a polar alignment on an equatorial wedge.
  • Auto North and Level Compatible -- Automatically finds North and Level with more precision than can be done by hand, getting you closer to your alignment stars.
  • User-Defined Slew Limits -- Prevents the telescope from slewing beyond the user-defined horizon in altazimuth and equatorial mode.
  • Cord Wrap -- Prevents the telescope from wrapping its cords when attaching optional accessories.
  • Dozens of Other Powerful Features
  • This hand control now comes standard with 5i (Item #11034) & 8i (Item #11022 & 11022-XLT) packages.



Additional Information

Name Celestron - Computerized Hand Control for NexStar 5i & 8i - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Celestron
Model 93962
Discountinued Yes
Custom Stock Status Out of Stock