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Celestron - T-C 16mm Adapter

Model#: 93636

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Manufactured by: Celestron

Celestron - T-C 16mm Adapter


This valuable adapter converts video cameras, (or 16mm film cameras) with removable lenses from the standard "C-mount" thread, to the larger T-thread used in still cameras. Thus, any of these cameras can be converted for use with a telescope.

To adapt a C-mount camera for use with a Celestron instrument, first thread the T-C Adapter onto the camera, next thread a T-Adapter onto the T-C Adapter, and last, thread this assembly onto the rear cell of your Celestron instrument.

Please note that some film and video cameras use standard still camera lenses, and therefore use a normal T-Adapter and T-Ring. Check your camera's instruction manual for more detailed information.

Additional Information

Name Celestron - T-C 16mm Adapter
Manufacturer Celestron
Model 93636