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Celestron - C-11CF Optical Tube Assembly - DISCONTINUED

Model#: 91035-XLT

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Celestron


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the Celestron C11-A XLT (CGE) Optical Tube Assembly as a replacement.

Now you can have your own a la carte assemblage of your preferred optical tube and mount.

Now you can have your own a la carte assemblage of your preferred optical tube and mount.  All Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes utilize the multicoated Starbright® coatings group.  Highly reflective coatings are used on the mirrors, with anti-reflective coatings employed on the correcting lens for increases in light transmission.

Celestron's optical systems internal baffling ensures the highest contrast levels.  To maintain the company's mindset as well as to provide consistently high performance and customer satisfaction, all Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain optical assemblies utilize the same superior optics regardless of their size or configuration.

The StarBright XLT coatings are all that distinguish this offering from the ordinary 11" optical tube assembly.  These coatings dramatically decrease the total percentage of light loss incurred by the scope's system of lenses & mirrors by a measure of 43%!  Light is invariably lost as it passes through lenses or is reflected from mirrors, and this can have a particularly dramatic effect of deep space objects.  StarBright XLT coatings are a highly intensive process which diminishes this effect and brings the faintest things your scope can resolve into greater detail.  They'll bring the details of bigger apertures without adding to the weight of your rig.

The optical tube of the #91035XLT is made of carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber has a few advantages over aluminum that will be appreciated in astronomy: their low specific heat capacity feels warmer to the touch in the cold, they take less time to be acclimated to their environment so you can begin observing earlier, and they absorb vibrations better than aluminum.

  • Limiting stellar magnitude of 14.7
  • Focus as close as 60' (18 m) for terrestrial viewing
  • Secondary mirror obstruction of 13.2%(by area)
  • Carbon fiber tube materials





Product Series

Celestron’s excellent Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes are compact and portable and represent the best all-purpose design for a wide variety of uses from terrestrial and deep sky viewing to astrophotography.

Additional Information

Name Celestron - C-11CF Optical Tube Assembly - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Celestron
Model 91035-XLT
Discountinued Yes