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Vixen - 103mm AX103S (f/8) Apochromatic Refractor Telescope - (Sphinx SXD Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)


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Manufactured by: Vixen

Vixen - 103mm AX103S (f/8) Apochromatic Refractor Telescope - (Sphinx SXD Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)


Vixen AX103S Apochromatic Refractor with Sphinx-D Mount


  • The Vixen AX103S Optical Tube is helpful in reducing chromatic aberration at the edge of the field of view, similarly to how optical coatings can reduce coma on reflectors.
  • Focus with flexibility and ease with the built in Vixen Dual Speed Focuser
  • The StarBook GoTo system has a 22,000 object library, including all Messier and majority of NGC celestial objects.


AX103S Apochromatic OTA

ax103s optical tube assembly vixen objective lens coating refractor focal ratio telescope

The NEW AX103S, f/8.0 Refractor features a three element objective lens, incorporating a central ED lens. This reduces chromatic aberration and yields high contrast images. The rear Field Corrector Lens, helps to deliver sharp images to the edges of the field of view.

"Precision Multi-Coating" applied to the lenses, assures high light transmission. Sky at Night Magazine states: "With its excellent build quality and rich feature set, we thoroughly recommend this system if you’re looking to upgrade from your current setup".

The built in Dual Speed Focuser enables coarse and fine focus adjustments. Manufactured in Japan; Dimensions: 103mm x 825mm/ 4 x 32.4 in.

Dovetail not included


SXD Equatorial Mount

vixen equatorial mount gear slew telescope payload sxd sphinx

While the outsides might look similar to the standard Sphinx Mount, the changes that have happened under the hood are huge! Incorporating one piece hardened steel RA and DEC shafts with needle bearings throughout, the new Sphinx D can handle a load capacity up to 50 lbs. The Sphinx D comes complete with PEC, backlash compensation, and the incredibly accurate SX Polar Finder Scope.

Astronomers with larger optical tubes and all level of astrophotographers are sure to feel right at home with the intuitive controls that so many have become accustomed to with the standard Sphinx Mount. Its 4.7" Color LCD Display gives an exact position against its scrolling star chart, any object is a point and look away!

Built In Bearings: RA and DEC axis bearings reduce the load on the motors and ensure smooth tracking.

Precision Worm Gears: Manufactured with high precision, they deliver smooth movement throughout the full circle of the worm screw and gears.


The innovative STAR BOOK hand controller offers astronomical navigation with a large full-color LCD screen! The color screen is a detailed star chart that acts as a navigational and GOTO guide for the mount. The database contains over 22,000 objects and others can be added. Zoom-In/Out buttons for the color star chart display also control the motor speed. As you zoom in closer to an object on the display screen, the motor speed automatically becomes finer and as you zoom out the motor speed increases to cover larger distances.

The STAR BOOK stores over 22,000 celestial objects in its memory. This includes 110 Messier objects and 4,980 NGC/IC objects.  The STAR BOOK displays objects that are in the sky for the current time and location. To begin, choose an interesting object on the screen. Your telescope will start to slew to your target automatically when you press the Go-To button.

The STAR BOOK contains a list of well known deep sky objects in its database, including such objects as the Andromeda Galaxy, Hyades and Pleiades.  Quickly search by name to find your observing target. Press the GoTo Button and view.


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Additional Information

Name Vixen - 103mm AX103S (f/8) Apochromatic Refractor Telescope - (Sphinx SXD Mount, HAL-130 Tripod)
Manufacturer Vixen
Model 85033
Alignment Procedures 3 Star
Altitude Adjustment 0 to 70 ° (Fine adj. with tangent screw +/-15°, 3 step elevator
Aperture 103mm
Azimuth Adjustment Double screw fine adjustment
Computer Hand Control STAR BOOK
Counterweights 4.2 lb (1.9 kg) and 8.15 lb (3.7kg)
Database 22,700 Object (Upgradeable)
DEC Coordinates Display STAR BOOK Full Color LCD screen ; 1.0 are min. sec increments
DEC Slow Motion Axis 180 tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement
Finderscope Optional
Focal Length 825mm
Focal Ratio f/8
Focuser Dual Speed
Included Accessories 7x50mm Finder; Finder Bracket (Long); Flip Mirror; Dovetail Plate; Metal Carry Handle; NLV25mm Eyepiece
Light Gathering Power 217x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 11.8
Motor Drive Built in
Mount Sphinx SXD Equatorial Mount
Mount Weight 19.4 Ibs
Optical Coatings Multi Coating
Optical Design ED Apochromatic Quad Element
Optical Tube Length 27” (690mm)
Optical Tube Weight 10 Ibs
Payload Capacity 50 Ibs
Power Requirements DC 12 volts, 0.4 to 1.7 amperes
R.A. Coordinates Display STAR BOOK Full Color LCD screen ; 0.1 min increments
R.A. Slow Motion Axis 180 tooth wheel gear – whole circle movement
Tripod HAL130 Tripod