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Pentax - PF-80ED-A Angled Spotting Scope Body Only


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Manufactured by: Pentax

Pentax PF-80ED-A Angled Spotting Scope Body Only


Pentax PF-80ED Angled Spotting Scope Body Only


Pentax's PF-80ED-A is the company's first spotting scope to feature an angled eyepiece. At 45 degrees it is the optimal angle for comfortable viewing in most situations.

The objective lens of the PF-80ED-A features a large effective aperture of 80mm resulting in a bright image field for easy spotting of your subject and precise focusing. The objective lens incorporates ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements providing a sharp, high-resolution image for minimal chromatic aberration. The maneuverable straight-line barrel simplifies spotting and following your subject from afar in an expeditious manner. The PF-80ED-A is constructed from a heavy-duty magnesium alloy in order to reduce weight and keep secure the inner mechanisms, while a rubber protective shell further promotes durability and resistance to shock.

The PF-80ED-A incorporates a dust-shielding glass element in its eyepiece receptacle to assure JIS Class 6 waterproof construction, leaving you free to concentrate on spotting rather than worrying about the adverse effects of poor weather copnditions. The PF-80ED-A’s nitrogen gas-filled body prevents internal fogging caused by sudden temperature changes, providing a clear vision under any conditions.

A Choice of Various Eyepieces to Meet Specific Applications:
There are four wide-angle XW-series eyepieces avaialble from Pentax as well as three cost-efficient XF-series eyepieces and one versatile zoom eyepiece for use with the PF-80ED-A. You can select the one which most suits your requirements. All eyepieces feature long eye relief to assure comfortable viewing for those with spectacles.


Push-On 82mm Objective Cap f/ PF-80ED-A & PF-80ED (Replacement)
Push-On Rear Cap (Replacement)
View-Through Case f/ PF-80-ED





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Product Series

The PENTAX PF-80ED-A features a 45-degree slanted lens barrel for comfortable viewing in almost any situation. Housed in a lightweight magnesium-alloy body, the PENTAX PF-80ED-A features extra low dispersion glass elements and large 80 mm objective lenses for outstanding image quality and clarity under all light conditions.

* The Pentax PF-80ED-A is housed in an exceptionally lightweight magnesium-alloy body. * Incorporating Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass elements for optimum optical resolution. * Large 80mm objective lens for bright viewing under all light conditions. * The body of the PF-80ED-A incorporates the American standard 1 1/4-inch (31.7mm) - diameter eyepiece receptacle, which accepts Pentax XW eyepieces. * The receptacle has a special "O" ring assembly, which allows the body of the scope to be filled with nitrogen, making it fog proof and JIS Class 6 waterproof. * A built-in lens shade cuts excessive light and helps to prevent rain and other weather elements from interfering with viewing. * An extra wide focusing knob is incorporated for effortless focusing. * A tripod socket with a click-stop rotation mechanism is available to allow for different viewing angle options. * Famous Pentax Super-Multi-Coating maximizes light transmission, clarity and contrast. * An extendable eyecup on the XW eyepieces allows variable adjustment for up to a full 20mm of eye relief, allowing those wearing eyeglasses the same view as non-eyeglass wearers. * Equipped with a durable rubber housing to protect against shock and damage. * Lanthanum Crown (rare earth) glass elements. * The PF-80ED-A comes with a limited lifetime warranty. * The PF-80ED-A accepts PENTAX XL Telescope Eyepieces: XW7 (74X), XW10 (52X), XW14 (37X), XW20 (27X) and the Zoom Eyepiece (20X-60X).

Additional Information

Name Pentax - PF-80ED-A Angled Spotting Scope Body Only
Manufacturer Pentax
Model PE-70950
Dimensions 16.3" x 5.3" x 3.9"
Optical Coatings Super-Multi-Coated Lens
Prisms Porro-prism 45° angle type
Weather Proof Yes, 1m depth of water, nitrogen filled, JIS Class 6 (fogproof, waterproof)
Weight in Use 56.4 oz.