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Orion - X-Y Guidestar Finder


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Manufactured by: Orion

Orion X-Y Guidestar Finder


Orion X-Y Guidestar Finder

  • Makes guide star acquisition easier and faster, eliminating need to move guide scope itself
  • Practical accessory for any astrophotographer that uses a separate guide scope in their setup
  • Obviates need for adjustable guide scope rings, a source of image-ruining flexure
  • Easy X-Y adjustment knobs move autoguider up to 1.1 inches, to bring more guide stars into view
  • 1.25" barrel fits into guide scope focuser; accepts 1.25" autoguider nosepiece or eyepiece

Deep-sky astro-imagers know that finding a suitable guide star can be a pain. Physically moving your guide telescope by adjusting the guide scope rings is unwieldy, at best.

With the Orion X-Y Guidestar Finder you won't have to. It enables you to move the autoguider (or guiding telescope eyepiece) around within the guide telescope's focal plane, bringing more potential guide stars into view and speeding up the process of guide star acquisition. In fact, it obviates the need for adjustable tube rings altogether, eliminating a potential source of image-ruining flexure. With the Orion X-Y Guidestar Finder, you can use fixed tube rings for your guide scope instead — a much more secure configuration.

Anyone who uses a separate guide scope in their imaging setup will benefit from the Orion X-Y Guidestar Finder. Its precision X-Y fine-adjustment knobs provide lateral travel of up to 1.1 inches. The unit's 1.25" barrel fits into the guide scope's focuser. An optional 2" barrel is also available (#5270), which allows a wider range of adjustment. The guide camera nosepiece or guiding telescope eyepiece attaches via a 1.25" barrel with a thumbscrew lock.

This is a mechanical adapter, made of machined, black-anodized aluminum; it does not contain any optics. Requires approximately 38mm of inward focus travel. Dimensions: 3.8"W x 3.8"H x 2.75"L (nosepiece to eyepiece holder). Weighs 13 oz. Made in the USA. One year limited warranty.




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Name Orion - X-Y Guidestar Finder
Manufacturer Orion
Model 52061