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Swarovski - STM-65 HD Spotting Scope (without eyepiece)


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Manufactured by: Swarovski

Swarovski STM-65 HD Spotting Scope (without eyepiece)


Swarovski - STM-65 HD Spotting Scope (without eyepiece)

Swarovski Optik is an Austrian family-owned company steeped in the tradition of producing superlative binoculars and telescopes.  Their products are often icons of both optics and aesthetics, with the highly refined spotting scopes being hallmarks of the distinguished brand.
The STM-65 HD Spotting Scope is the flagship compact model, featuring an objective element made with extra-low dispersion glass.  This provides an even more remarkable image than the "normal" STS-65, with better edge resolution.  In particular, color fringing is nearly eliminated.  Intricately-patterned subjects will have more crisp delineation, something enthusiastic birders will greatly appreciate, and the more refined color rendition can give an impression of enhanced brightness.  However it is defined, it would be hard to conceive of a better view originating from a prismatic refractor telescope.  And this is a scope which could accompany any tough hike without weighing you down.
The STM-65 HD also has Swarovski's latest external coatings for repelling moisture, dust, and debris.  They stay clean longer, and clean easily.  Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the ATM/STM series features a fully magnesium housing construction, shaving a few precious drops of weight without giving up an ounce of rigidity.
This is the straight version of Swarovski's 65mm scope-they also have an angled viewing model.  Generally speaking, straight scopes are better for viewing from elevated positions and unquestionably make it easier to initially locate your subject.  The STM-65 HD also has a side-mounted peepsight to additionally aid initial locating. 
The STM-65 has a focal length of 460mm.  If you're using conventional 1.25" astronomy eyepieces with the optional #44010 Astronomy Eyepiece Adapter, divide 460mm by the focal length of your eyepiece to determine the effective magnification.

                                         Swarovski Optik STM-65, 65mm Spotting Scope with Straight Viewing, Eyepiece not Included.

Standard Features:

  • High definition objective glass element with fluoride yields better subject edges and superior digiscoping imagery
  • Incredibly-precise tolerances and efficient baffling upon all optical surfaces
  • Swarovski's microthin coatings produce optimum light transmission and resolution
  • Swarovski's proprietary dirt-and-water-repellent "SWAROCLEAN" external coating
  • Light, magnesium construction housing with durable armor
  • Large focusing barrel with oversized grooves for fine control
  • Retractable rubber lenshood
  • Rotating tripod collar with detented click stops
  • Operating range from -4 to 131°F (-20 to 55°C)
  • Both 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 tripod threads (scope's foot attaches directly to Swarovski tripod heads without using threading)
  • Fantastic optional digiscoping adapter, as well as a SLR adapter
  • Environmentally friendly lead and arsenic free glass
  • Accepts 67mm screw-in filters at objective lens
  • Accepts conventional 1.25" astronomy eyepieces with optional #44010 Astronomy Eyepiece Adapter
  • Made in Austria

What's in the Box

Swarovski STM-65 HD 2.6"/65mm Spotting Scope (Requires Eyepiece)
  • Push-on Objective Cap
  • Push-on Rear Cap
  • Lifetime USA Warranty
  • 30-Year International Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

Remember the Essentials

An eyepiece is not included with this item. Be sure to purchase a compatible eyepiece in order to enjoy this spotting scope.



Product Series

Compact, lightweight spotting scopes

Additional Information

Name Swarovski - STM-65 HD Spotting Scope (without eyepiece)
Manufacturer Swarovski
Model 49718