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SEKONIC - C-500R ProDigi Color

Model#: 401-501

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Manufactured by: Sekonic

SEKONIC - C-500R ProDigi Color


With the new ProDigi Color C-500R, Sekonic gives photographers the world's only photographic color meter designed to read spectral sensitivity of both color film and CCD and CMOS sensors used in today's digital still and DV cine cameras.

Serious photographers and cinematographers know that good lighting and proper exposure are more important now than ever. With the higher demands of today's digital medium, "garbage in" can mean hours of postproduction. They know that color is a critical factor when multiple light sources are involved. Changing reflectors, adding diffusion or adjusting power levels will result in a color temperature change that needs to be corrected. They know that taking the time to do it right is always a good investment because "perfect in" always looks better than an image that has been adjusted.

The ProDigi Color C-500R is the world's first color meter that is designed for both digital and film capture. It incorporates four sensors to measure light color and display color temperature and compensation values (LB/CC index or filter numbers) specifically calibrated to the spectral sensitivity of the CCD and CMOS sensors used in digital photography or the spectral characteristics photographic color film. It also offers illuminance display in Lux (lx) or Footcandles (FC) which are especially useful for cinematographers, videographers and others needing precise brightness control. The C-500R also has the added feature of a built-in radio transmitter module for wireless triggering of PocketWizard recievers up to 100 feet awya.

Other features include:

  • 19 presets for white-balance/color compensation
  • Color/brightness difference display
  • Electro-luminescent data display
  • Flash color measurement in cord or cordless mode with sync speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec and high/low reading sensitivity.
  • Six Custom Settings enable displaying: Shutter speeds in 1/3, 1/2 or full stops; Selected color temperature in 100K or 10MK-1; LB Index in 1MK-1 or 1daMK-1; LB lens-filter display in Kodak/LEE or Fujifilm standards; Illuminance in footcandles or lux, both or no display; and setting auto power off in 5, 10 or 20 minutes.
  • Buit-in Radio Transmitter for Wireless Triggering of PocketWizard Recievers
  • Ability to transmit on 32 digitally coded channels with four Quad-triggering zones
  • Transmitter is also compatible with selected products from Prophoto, Dyna-lite, Photogenic, Norman, and Lumadyne having built-in PocketWizard radio technolog
  • Rotatating Head
  • Powered by AA-size batteries.

Additional Information

Name SEKONIC - C-500R ProDigi Color
Manufacturer Sekonic
Model 401-501