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Apogee - Liquid Recirculation / Chiller Unit


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Manufactured by: Andor/Apogee

Apogee - Liquid Recirculation / Chiller Unit


The LR001 Liquid Recirculation / Chiller Unit provides precise control of the temperature of recirculated liquid for optimal cooling despite ambient temperature fluctuations. The unit removes heat from the vicinity of the camera, preventing atmospheric turbulence. The unit is best suited for use with the Alta and AP cameras with optional adaptation for liquid circulation.

As with most Apogee systems, a liquid recirculation plate has been developed to remove heat from the camera body to reduce warm air disturbance around the camera. Note that this option should be given careful consideration. Application in high humidity/dew point environments are incompatible with a chilled liquid system of this type. The typical air cooled performance is more than adequate for most applications.


Product Highlights & Features

  • 151 Watts cooling capacity (Delta T=0)

  • Voltage (100-240 VAC)

  • High accuracy digital controller (+/- 0.1 degree C)

  • RS-232 serial communication (RS-485 optional)

  • Low fluid level detector

  • Adjustable alarm for low & high temperature limits

  • 7' (2.1m) detachable power cord (with plug available in three global power configurations)

  • Compact & Quiet

  • Low maintenance


Apogee LR001 - Liquid Recirculation/Chiller Unit Specifications

  • Heating Capacity - HT (Optional): 125 Watts (426 BTU/HR)

  • Cooling capacity: 151 Watts (515 BTU/hr)

  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC (88-264 VAC Max)

  • Operating Temperature: 40 degree F to 113 F (4.4 degree C to 45 degree C)

  • Control Temperature: 35 degree F to 104 degree F (2 degree C to 40 degree C)

  • Input Power: 228 Watts Running Current, (115 VAC/230 VAC) 2.6 amps / 1.3 amps

  • Weight: 27 lbs (12.2 kg)

  • High Control Accuracy: +/- 0.1 degree C

  • Reservoir Capacity: 0.07 gallons (250 ml)

  • Fluid capacity: 0.10 gallons (375 ml)

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Dimensions: hxwxd 12.23"x7.81"x15.15"

Additional Information

Name Apogee - Liquid Recirculation / Chiller Unit
Manufacturer Andor/Apogee
Model 400001