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Denkmeier - 2 " 3X Multiplier - DISCONTINUED


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Denkmeier - 2 " 3X Multiplier - DISCONTINUED


With Refractors:

Basically, the Multiplier acts as a Barlow. The difference is that the Multiplier is modular and will thread to any existing accessory that can accept male 2" threads or male 1.25" threads such as star diagonals with filter threads on the telescope-side tube. This optical cell may be threaded into the telescope-side filter threads of a star diagonal to create around a 3.5X magnification factor when used with a Denkmeier Binoviewer in a refractor. Be aware that out-travel will be required and an extension tube may be necessary for refractors with limited focus travel (less than 3.5" overall mechanical travel of focuser tube). If needed, the extension is placed in the telescope focuser first (before diagonal). Most refractors will not reach focus with our Multiplier threaded directly into the nosepiece of a Denkmeier Binoviewer.

The Multiplier will operate for single eyepiece usage and less out-travel of a refractor focuser tube is required. It may be used for approximately a 2X magnification effect when used on the eyepiece side of the star diagonal. Any 2" Extension tube that accepts male 48mm threads can then be used as a "Barlow" when the Multiplier is threaded in and an eyepiece is slipped into the extension tube. Simply put, the greater the distance between the eyepieces (used in a binoviewer or single) and the Multiplier Cell, the higher the magnification factor will be. The eyepiece/Multiplier distance is greater when a binoviewer is used so the magnification factor of The Multiplier is greater in that capacity than when a single eyepiece is used. Some star diagonals (like our Denkmeier 2" Diagonals) allow the Multiplier to be threaded in closer to the mirror on the telescope-side and magnification is slightly lower and out-travel of focuser tube is also less than if the Multiplier is threaded to the end of the diagonal tube on telescope-side. So, it is also true that the closer the Multiplier is to the eyepiece, the less mechanical out-travel is required to reach focus. This Multiplier may also be threaded to a 2"/1.25" adapter that has female 48mm filter threads. This places the Multiplier closer to a single eyepiece. The Multiplier will also work for photography and will increase image scale in greater amounts as spacing between Multiplier and camera is increased. The Multiplier threads to any camera adapter with female 48mm threads.

With SCTs/Maks: These telescopes have large image scale capability without using barlows but if very high magnification is desired or fairly high magnification is desired with low power eyepieces, the Multiplier will provide this. Use in a 1.25"/2" adapter with 48mm female threads, or use in your star diagonal telescope-side tube if it has 1.25" or 2" filter threads. Be aware that magnification is quite high if used in a star diagonal on the telescope-side tube that has filter threads. This will be in excess of 3X.

With Newtonians: The Multiplier is a great tool to have when a Denkmeier Binoviewer System is being used. By replacing the normal OCS cell with the Multiplier (available for the 1.25" or 2" OCS Systems), approximately a 3.2X magnification occurs when the Power x Switch Arms are in the "OUT" position and only the Multiplier Lens is in the light path. The Power x Switch magnifications are also boosted by about 30% when the Multiplier is used instead of the OCS Optical Cell that comes with all Power x Switch Packages. This means that a single pair of D21 Eyepieces work at even more magnifications. So, when a very steady night is the case, thread on the Multiplier in place of the OCS Cell and get that extra boost in image scale when you want it.

The Multiplier can even be threaded directly into any 2" eyepiece that has 49mm (2") filter threads. The multiplication factor will be reduced to some degree due to close proximity of the Multiplier to the eyepiece and this depends on some of the mechanical aspects of the eyepiece. expect a factor of approximately 1.5X +/-.

Note: The Multiplier is different than the "2X Multiplier" in that is provides higher magnification when used in all telescopes. The 2X Multiplier was included as a thread-on multiplier for SCTs and when used on a Denkmeier nosepiece provides a true 2X magnification. The Multiplier provides 3X when used in this manner and higher powers when used in star diagonal filter threads. The 2X Multiplier is still available for $149 and may be added to your Shopping Cart by choosing it in the drop-down.

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Name Denkmeier - 2 " 3X Multiplier - DISCONTINUED
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