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Kendrick - 1.25 " Laser Collimator

Model#: 2063

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Manufactured by: Kendrick

Kendrick 1.25 " Laser Collimator


The lasers are designed to work in 1.25" focusers and can be used with closed and open tube designs telescopes with 1.25" focusers. Yhose who have closed tubes may consider the #2068-C adapter with this collimator as it will extend the laser face outside of the focuser, making it MUCH easier to see and collimate your telescope. The face of the laser is visible through the cut-out on the side of the adapter.

For those with an open tube or truss tube design telescope the #2063 (for 1.25" focusers) will be adequate.

Additional Information

Name Kendrick - 1.25 " Laser Collimator
Manufacturer Kendrick
Model 2063