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ASA - 2" Schmidt-Cassegrain Reducer 0.77x


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Manufactured by: ASA - Astrosysteme Austria


A Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope will show substantial image errors (most prominent being coma and image field curvature errors). ASA Astrosysteme is now offering a new SC Reducer Corrector, which was developed by Dipl. Phys. Philipp Keller and is built by ASA. The corrector not only reduces the outer axial image errors but is also able to correct chromatical aberration errors which are introduced by the Schmidt plate. The results are pinpoint stars not only to the side but also into the image middle. The reducer will correct the focal length down by a factor of 0,77x. It is perfectly suitable for perfect image performance onto APS-C format sized CCD chips.

Additional Information

Name ASA - 2" Schmidt-Cassegrain Reducer 0.77x
Manufacturer ASA - Astrosysteme Austria
Additional Information Recommended distance from focal plane to connectingthread: 97.5 mm
Focal Length 0.77 x reduction
Material Aluminium
Objective 3 Lenses
Optical Coatings Fully multicoated
Other Connection to camera: M48 x 0.75 Thread, Connection to telescope: M48,Focal length reduction: 0.77 x,
Periodic Error Correction Fully corrected field: 22 mm
Use Schmidt-Cassegrain (not for ACF)