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Optec - 3-" to OPTEC-3600 mount.


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Manufactured by: Optec

Optec - 3-" to OPTEC-3600 mount.


OPTEC - 3" Drawtube Adapter To OPTEC-3600 Male Dovetail Mount

The #17811 3-inch Drawtube Adapter allows multiple 3-inch Optec devices such as the TCF-S3,  IFW-3, and Pyxis 3" rotator to be strung together directly. This adapter presents an OPTEC-3000 dovetail on the front to fit smoothly into the back-end receivers of 3-inch Optec products, and an OPTEC-3600 dovetail on the back to fit the front-end receivers of these products.


                                   3-inch To OPTEC-3600 Dovetail Mount    3-inch To OPTEC-3600 Dovetail Mount   3-inch To OPTEC-3600 Dovetail Mount






Product Series

The OPTEC-3000 3-inch mounts "push-fit" in to any 3-inch receiver including the TCF-S3, IFW-3 #17367 Rear Cover Plate, and Pyxis 3" rotator.

Additional Information

Name Optec - 3-" to OPTEC-3600 mount.
Manufacturer Optec
Model 17811