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StarryNight - StarryNight Enthusiast v6.3 - DISCONTINUED

Model#: 17236_63

Discontinued Product

Manufactured by: Starry Night

StarryNight - StarryNight Enthusiast v6.3 - DISCONTINUED


This is a discontinued item. We recommend the StarryNight Pro Plus 7 Version as a replacement.

- Version 6.3 includes 20+ new features
- Explore the universe on your PC with over 70 interactive multimedia tours
- Fly around the universe using joystick-supported spaceship mode
- Zoom in on 13,000 deep-sky objects from the NGC-IC catalog
- Track space probes and replay famous interplanetary fly-bys like Voyager, Pioneer, and Galileo

Explore a vast array of astronomical wonders, both natural and man-made! Replay spectacular fly-bys of Voyager, Galileo, and other famous space missions. Never miss your chance to witness celestial events, such as Jupiter satellite shadow transits, with the powerful Events Finder. Easily navigate around the cosmos using SkyGuide as your tour guide. Starry Night Enthusiast 6.3 Astronomy Software gives you the freedom and resources to explore the night sky on your computer or with the naked eye or a pair of binoculars.

New Version 6.3 Features:

- Over 20 new features including:
- 5 New Horizon Panoramas let you observe from several interesting new locations
- Animated trips between planets now use more visually appealing planet avoidance
- Tully database improved to allow for more galaxy types
- Saturn's rings and ring shadows now draw even more precisley, and look much better
- Updated LiveSky links and images
- Spaceship responsiveness dramatically improved
- Shadow Cones can be displayed to show the shadows of orbiting bodies

Other Features:

- NEW- Tully galaxy rendering now implemented as particle systems
- NEW- The precessional path of the celestial poles can now be displayed
- NEW- The circumpolar region, based on your latitude, can now be displayed
- NEW- All planets now draw with softer edges
- NEW- Some lines now draw thicker on high-DPI displays to maintain visibility
- NEW- Various space mission data sets have been broken into smaller, logical segments to improve rendering speed
- NEW- Improved Find feature for multiple objects of same name
- Appulse Event Searching alerts you when the Moon is near bright planets
- Apollo Space Missions feature lets you explore the trajectories of the Apollo spacecraft not available anywhere else!
- Meteor Showers Update makes your meteor shower observations even better.
- Extrasolar Planets Update helps you learn even more about planets beyond our Solar System
- 65 3-D Asteroid Models let you explore these intriguing celestial bodies
- Smooth Window Fading and Transparent Floating Windows
- Distance Spheres can now be added to any solar system body with any radius and color
- Follow the paths of over 25 interplanetary probes through the solar system. Ride along with New Horizons on its mission to Pluto and more
- Pan around 25 3-D models of spacecraft, including Voyager, Deep Impact, Stardust and more
- Zoom in on 3-D models of comets, asteroids and satellites
- Track over 830 artificial satellites used for communications, GPS, environmental monitoring and scientific research
- Plan observing sessions with Event Finder that instantly displays celestial events, such as lunar and solar eclipses and conjunctions, for months far into the future
- Browse a library of over 100 Starry Night files that demonstrate events such as eclipses, planetary alignments and close-ups of galaxies and planets
- Assign horizon panorama to a specific location on or off Earth with your choice of 11 photorealistic horizon panoramas
- Pinpoint the exact location of historical events, such as the Apollo moon landings, with Location Markers
- Access up-to-date local observing conditions through online link to Clear Sky Clock (requires Internet connection)
- Click on any location on Earth while hovering and select a Google Map for that precise location (requires Internet connection)
- Create your own automated guided tour of the universe with AppleScript, which helps you run a list of Starry Night files in sequence (Mac only)
- And all the new data and features in Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack, including:
o Locate objects easily with SmartFind, which cross-indexes and groups all the databases in which an object appears
o Daily Events Reminder lists all celestial events visible tonight from your backyard
o Hear the correct pronunciation of constellations and over 500 celestial objects
o And much more
- Explore without limits 700 million light years of space
- View 2,500,000 stars
- Zoom in on NGC-IC Catalog of 13,000 deep space objects
- Travel in time from 4713 BC to 9999 AD
- Deepen your understanding of the universe with over 70 interactive SkyGuide tours
- Simulate the view through binoculars
- View how the Earth and Sun look like right now with images from ground-and space-based observatories
- Add your own asteroids, comets, satellites and 3-D models
- Create your own movies to share with friends
- Zoom in on the Best of Chandra X-Ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope images
- Recreate lunar and solar eclipses

Also Improved in Starry Night Enthusiast Version 6.3:

- Pluto now classified as a Dwarf Planet in the orbit selector
- Satellite eccentricities now imported from source file
- Moons can be added to dwarf planets
- User-specified images are now rendered on moons
- New update technology built directly into Starry Night. Will check for updates automatically if registered
- Added more features that can help Customer Support track down issues
- Exported data of the sky view now contains a header row
- Horizon drawing improved when looking at the nadir
- Spaceship speed controls work when Starry Night time is stopped
- Telescope name indicated in Windows 3-pane print settings dialog
- Satellite eccentricities imported from source file
- Allows adding/editing planet surface images and 3DS model assignments
- User-specified images can be rendered on moons
- Optimized One-pane printing FOV
- Cardinal points can now be controlled independently of horizon using horizon layer labels
- Robust observing list filters available
- Comets are now correctly indicated on printed output
- Observing lists now display the object's constellation
- Coordinates export in the format selected in the preferences
- Peak times for Meteor Showers are now listed
- Ambient sound has been restored

Starry Night Enthusiast Version 6.3 includes:

- DVD of Starry Night software for Windows and Macintosh
- Exclusive "SkyTheater" DVD with over an hour or original movies about space
- Starry Night Companion, a 192-page illustrated astronomy book
- New, comprehensive 210-page User's Guide

QuickGuide to Starry Night

- If you want to spark your child's curiosity about the night sky, you want Starry Night Constellation Adventure
- If you want a great introduction to astronomy or are looking for a gift, consider Starry Night Complete Space & Astronomy Pack
- If you are ready to explore more of the Universe and prepare for your first night out under the stars, consider Starry Night Enthusiast
- If you want telescope control, extensive data and comprehensive observational tools not found in any other program, consider Starry Night Pro
- If you want the world's most powerful astronomy software with unparalleled observation tools and the world's only full-color photograph of the entire night sky, there's only one choice: Starry Night Pro Plus

To run Starry Night Enthusiast Version 6.3 you need:

- Windows: Requires Windows XP, 500 MHz or higher processor, 128 MB RAM and 900 MB of hard disk space. OpenGL support requires a 32 MB OpenGL capable graphics card. Minimum recommended monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
- Macintosh: Requires OS X 10.3.9 (Universal) or higher, G3 450 MHz or higher processor, 128 MB RAM and 900 MB of hard disk space. Will not run on OS 9.x or earlier. OpenGL support requires a 32 MB OpenGL capable graphics card. Minimum recommended monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
- Basic support for joysticks recognized by Windows XP and Mac OS X.
- Requirements for Video DVD: Home DVD player and TV, or computer with DVD player.

If you own an earlier version of Starry Night Enthusiast 6, click here to update to Starry Night Enthusiast Version 6.3.

Included Items:

CD-ROM of Starry Night software for Windows and Macintosh
Exclusive "SkyTheater" DVD with over an hour or original movies about space
Starry Night Companion, a 192-page illustrated astronomy book
New, comprehensive 210-page User's Guide

Additional Information

Name StarryNight - StarryNight Enthusiast v6.3 - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Starry Night
Model 17236_63
Discountinued Yes