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Denkmeier - PartO/#150 - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

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Denkmeier - PartO/#150 - DISCONTINUED


The 1.25" Nosepiece for Denk Binoviewers called Part O is shown with optic (upper left in photo). This optical side actually threads into the Binoviewer (optic-side first) and then acts as a nosepiece, loaded into the eyepiece receptacle just as an eyepiece would be. The other Optic in the #150 Cell is shown on it's way toward the telescope-side filter threads of a Coronado BF diagonal where it will be threaded. The two work together to produce low power 1.2X magnfications with all Denk Binoviewers. Denk nosepieces are always modular and either a 1.25" or a 2" format nosepiece may be used. So, remove your 2" nosepiece. Thread Part O (nosepiece-with-optic) into the Denk Binoviewer bottom receptacle. Make sure that the #150 Cell is threaded into the BF diagonal telescope-side and you will focus at low power. remove the Part O Nosepiece from your Denk and thread in the 1.25" hollow nosepiece that is always supplied with Denk Binoviewers and 2.5X magnifications will result. These magnification factors are expressed as multiples of single eyepiece powers with no binoviewer being used. So, if you normally see the Sun at 25X, the low power configuration of Part O/#150 cell will produce 30X.

What Do You Need?

Those with Power x Switches on the Binoviewer do not need Part O. All Power x Switches contain a low power optic that will allow wider views of the Sun when used with the #150 Cell in the diagonal threads, though slight magnifcation variations due to the various Power x Switch properties will result.

Those with Packages like The Big Easy already have Part O and the #150 Cell in the form of "The Optical Nosepiece" and the "1.25" OCS Cell". All Standard Power x Switch Packages also contain a variation of the #150 Cell as well. The Standard Newtonian and Standard Refractor Package's 1.25" Part S or Refractor OCS Cell, and the Standard SCT Package's 1.25" 2X multiplier can all be used in place of the #150 Cell. As mentioned before, the actual Power x Switch atttached to the Denk Binoviewer contains an optic that will substitute for Part O so Part O is never needed as an additional purchased item when you already own a Power x Switch on the Binoviewer.

Denk II and Power x Switch Star Diagonal Owners

Those with Denk II Systems and Power x Switches do not need 1.25" Part O because as stated previously, the optic in all Power x Switches (Logo-Side Arm) will operate much as Part O does. However, the 1.25" #150 cell must be purchased for the Coronado BF Filter diagonal if focus is to be achieved. Since the Denk II Systems include 2" Optical Cells in addition to the Power x Switch, the 1.25" #150 cell is an option that must be purchased if focus using a 1.25" Coronado BF Filter Diagonal is to be acheived. The #150 Cell is available to add to your cart in this section.

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Name Denkmeier - PartO/#150 - DISCONTINUED
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