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Denkmeier - #150 Cell 1.25 " for Coronado BF Diagonal - DISCONTINUED


Discontinued Product

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Denkmeier #150 Cell 1.25 " for Coronado BF Diagonal (CORONADO DIAGONAL SOLD SEPARATELY!!!!)


The #150 1.25" Cell For Coronado BF Diagonals

This optical cell will allow a Denkmeier Binoviewer to reach focus in a refractor equipped with the Solarmax 40, 60 or 90mm filter systems. If a Denkmeier Binoviewer with Power x Switch is being used, various magnification factors will result as the Power x Switch Arm(s) are moved to the "IN" and "OUT" positions. However, this #150 cell must always be threaded into the telescope-side tube of the 1.25" blocking filter diagonal if focus is to be achieved.


Binoviewers Without The Power x Switch

Those who own Denkmeier Binoviewers without Power x Switches will experience a 2.5X magnification factor when the #150 Cell is used in the diagonal unless an additional optic such as the 1.25" Star*Sweeper or the former Refractor OCS Cell for the 1.25" Nosepiece is also used. When these additional optical cells are used, a lower magnification will occur in the range of 1.2X to 1.4X depending on the particular Denkmeier optical part that you own.

It is wise to remember that when the #150 Cell is used without an additional optic on the eyepiece side in the Binoviewer, the focuser of the refractor must be racked outward. If using a Coronado Solarmax Telescope, pull the draw tube out several inches before using the fine helical focuser mechanism of the Solarmax Telescope. If adding a Star*Sweeper, Refractor OCS Cell normally used on the nosepiece of the Binoviewer, or 1.25" Part O to the Binoviewer, slide the draw tube in until rough focus occurs and then use the helical focuser once again for sharp focusing.


Using The Power x Switch

Binoviewers with integrated Power x Switches are capable of achieving a range of magnifications when the #150 Cell is installed in the BF diagonal (as it always must be if focus is to be achieved). However, the sliding mechanism of the Solarmax Telescopes must be pulled outward in the higher magnification modes because the fine helical focuser cannot accomodate the range of positions required when going from low to hihest magnifcations so be aware of this neccessity.


Who Must Purchase The #150 Cell

The manuals for all packages cover H-a but a review at this time may make it easier for readers to become aware of the need to purchase this option if in fact a substitute cell is not already a part of the various binoviewer packages.  

THE BIG EASY- Use 1.25" Part O in the binoviewer as a nosepiece and 1.25" Part S in the BF diagonal threads for low power. Use the Hollow Nosepiece in place of Part O for high power. All are included in the Package.

The Standard Power x Switch Packages- Use the 1.25" S Cell of the Standard Refractor and Newtonian Power x Switch Packages in the BF diagonal or the 2X Multiplier of the Standard SCT Power x Switch in the BF diagonal. The Power x Switch Arm set to "IN" allows low power, "OUT" allows high power. All are included in the package.  

The Standard Universal Package- Use the 1.25" S Cell of the Standard Universal Power x Switch Package in the BF diagonal. The Power x Switch Arm set to "IN" allows low power, "OUT" allows high power. All are included in the package.  

Denk II Power x Switch Packages- Because the optical lenses included with the Denk II Power x Switch Packages are 2" format, the 1.25" #150 Cell must be added as an option. The Power x Switches will function to produce various magnifcations but the #150 Cell must be ordered and threaded into the BF diagonal threads on the telescope-side or focus cannot be achieved.  

The Power x Switch Star Diagonals- Because no 1.25" optical cells are included with the Power x Switch Diagonals and the Denk Binoviewer has been added ala carte, the #150 Cell must be ordered if focus is to be achieved with your Denkmeier Binoviewer. There are two options:



Option 1

#150 Cell and Part O- Part O is a 1.25" nosepiece that threads directly into every Denk Binoviewer recpetacle at the bottom telescope-side. With Part O used as a nosepiece, low 1.2X magnifcation occurs when used with the #150 Cell. If Part O is removed and the 1.25" hollow nosepiece included with every Denk is threaded into the binoviewer, high 2.5X magnification occurs.


Option 2

If manual exchange of Part O and the 1.25" Hollow Nosepiece for magnification changing is to be avoided, a Single Arm Power x Switch may be ordered along with the #150 Cell. The Power x Switch is threaded into the Binoviewer and movement from low to high magnification requires no manual installation of Part O or the 1.25" Hollow Nosepiece.








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Name Denkmeier - #150 Cell 1.25 " for Coronado BF Diagonal - DISCONTINUED
Model 150-Cell
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