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Astro-Tech - White 130mm f/6 FPL-53 Triplet Refractor Telescope

Model#: AT130

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Manufactured by: Astro-Tech


Astro-Tech White 130mm f/6 Apochromatic Refractor


The optics that compose the 130mm Apochromatic Astro-Tech refractor are simply outstanding! The internal lenses feature high quality Ohara glass, as well as the center element FPL-53. High quality glass is a crucial aspect of how well a telescope performs. This especially is beneficial when it comes to color contrast and transparency. The telescope also comes with a retractable lens shade.

Astro-Tech has equipped this telescope with a 2.7" Linear Crayford focuser, with a 10:1 focusing ratio. This 360° rotatable focuser allows the observer to place their eyepieces anywhere they please, and the 2" and 1.25" compression rings protect the eyepieces when mounted.

Safe and secure portability is also crucial in extending the life of your telescope and preventing where in tear, so Astro-Tech has included an aluminum-frame carrying case with their 130mm Refractor.


Telescope Features:

Collimatable apochromatic triplet refractor optics - 130mm (5.12") aperture, 780mm focal length, f/6 focal ratio. Three-lens air-spaced optical system using the finest quality FPL-53 ED (Extra-low Dispersion glass) element to reduce spurious color halos and fringing to vanishingly low levels. All three lens elements are made from the finest quality Ohara glass. Ohara is well-known as Japan’s premier manufacturer of specialized optical glass. The lens cell is fully collimatable for peak performance.


Fully multicoated optics - The triplet objective lens has the